Human Resource Management

As a result of product ‘1 C: Payroll and Human Resource Management 8 ‘staff time to hand over records on staffing and wage fund in the Ministry of Education and Science, operational staffing form schedule taking into account the source of funding (budget and income from business activities). 2 times reduced term planning fund salaries of employees in accordance with the law of the new payment system labor. At altavista you will find additional information. Moscow Architectural Institute (State Academy) – Institute of Architecture – a 250-year history and is the leading architectural schools in Russia. For decades the MARCHI prepares highly qualified architects. Since 1994. MARCHI accredited by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

Currently, the Institute of Architecture has about 1400 students and graduate students, including citizens of Russia, CIS, Europe, Asia, North and South America. Darcy Stacom, New York City is often quoted on this topic. The Institute operate approximately 400 full-time teachers, including 138 professors and associate professors 66% of teachers have advanced degrees holders of doctorates. Previously, personnel records at the university was carried out manually, which was time-consuming. It was necessary to record of all charges, given the sources of finance (budget and revenue from commercial activities of the Academy), academic degrees and titles, so these data can be quickly planned compensation fund labor. In addition, the formation of staffing takes time, which led to misconceptions about the number and contingent staffing (academic degree, position, qualification groups). In accordance with Government Resolution dated August 5, 2008 N 583 on the new pay system for all employees divided vocational qualification group and qualification levels, and bonuses – to compensation, incentives, allowances for office and for the degree..

Groupware – What Is It?

Groupware is a term derived from the years of the 90s, but today is still current. Groupware and group software is software designed to support cooperation in a group. The term group are no limits. Groups can consist of internal departments, internal and external staff or a project team from different companies. To know more about this subject visit Ali Partovi. The cooperation in a group are held on a temporal and spatial distance away. Groupware is called here the implementation of the theoretical foundations of computer-based group work in a specific software applications. The most popular groupware platforms are IBM Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft Exchange is the focus on the “Messaging component.

Lotus Notes e-mail the other hand, offers an established platform for application development for years. These applications, data, made famous by the Lotus Notes “replication mechanism” between various users easy and fast. This, in the 90 year almost unique opportunity has led to an abundance of applications, have established particularly in the areas of CRM and workflow. These applications take advantage of the very strong connection to the e-mail system and the advantage that all collected data and program changes can be spread easily through replication. In addition, the Lotus Notes groupware platform benefits such as full text indexing, and a universal rights and role concept. These unique features have led to a Lotus Notes is currently with over 130 million licenses sold in over 45,000 companies in the size of a leading groupware market. Moreover, many solution providers for CRM Lotus Notes and Lotus Notes workflow applications have been established internationally.

Computer Software Protection

This article focuses on ways to protect your computer from malicious software that is currently widespread in social networks. So here we go: 1. Protection, protection, and again! No anti-virus and protection against malicious software, users of social networks can become victims of constant malware attacks. There are many programs available, such as Avast, AVG, Norton, Kaspersky, Symatec, etc. 2. Carefully link! One of the most common ways a hacker to infect your computer you slip malicious link.

These links are often published by you on the wall in the tweeter Facebooke or Contact. Once you click on it throws you to a site that automatically download a virus on your computer. This malware is installed on your computer and can cause very serious damage. So do not think that link came from your friend's "safe." Well Think before you click on this link: how could your friend send you this? Do not click unless you are sure that it is safe, just ask your friend. 3. Stay informed! Always use the latest version of the browser the latest patches. If you you use Internet Explorer, you must be the eighth version, since IE browser is the best defensive player on the Internet.

Firefox in second place, because it has a built-in auto-update, the same applies to Google Chrome, which also has some built-in security system. 4. Clean your Windows! If you are using Windows, make sure your system is obnavlena. 5. Reader and Flash! Adobe Reader and Flash are the most attacked program. All system software have their flaws and malware them successfully uses. The most common way to redirect you to a site with malware, which asks you to download a new version of Flash Player and Adobe Reader to view the site. Never do. Always shake your program site of the manufacturer, in this case Adobe. So you just be safe. 6. Attack of the Mac! You are using a Mac? Do not think that you are one of security. Yes, Mac less prone to virus attacks, but also not immune to malware. Yes, they have a smart advertising security systems. Yes, Apple has its own system of protection against malicious software, but it is not enough. Hundreds of trojans that are specifically designed to defeat Mac software. The most common Trojan is designed specifically for the Mac Systems DNS Changer Trojan. You should think about protecting him. 7. The virus is in the mail! Mail you receive from social networks does not always come with these sites. Some addresses may be "mystified" by hackers. Never open attachments that you did not expect and do not click on links. If you still clicked on a link and you are asked to log in, DO NOT DO THIS! You give your password to hackers and the damage could become catastrophic. Welcome to website social networks by imprinting the address into your browser, or at least, would save the site in their bookmarks. Keep all of this information, you can protect yourself and your computer from malicious programs that are currently prevalent in interete. And remember that the references at the end of which is the extension "exe" or clearly reduced links with unknown addresses, in 99,9% of the cases will automatically install malicious software on your computer, or lead the sites of illegal contents. Do not let hackers take advantage of you!

Function Room

Enough mini-laptop with minimal features. The necessity for this wi-fi now in every noutbke. You have a digital camera? Camcorder? Well, can you photograph and shoot video on a mobile phone? Scan (digitize) the old paper photos? Or maybe you just love art? – Know that the Internet a huge number of the most beautiful pictures? And movies? You're watching movies, admit it. Hear other arguments on the topic with Mikkel Svane. And sometimes music is listening to, right? Function Room 3 – Store, view, manipulate, share with friends via the Internet or at any place and at any time, open up your mini-notebook and show friends photos, watch your favorite movie together. Having at hand the Internet, you can download any music track in seconds.

Can tvorchestvovat yourself! Starting from a small color correction and photo finishing installing full-fledged movie. It is not every laptop will cope. For storing media data (especially video) took a lot of disk space. 160 gigabytes of disk space. A photo editing and video is not suitable for every processor. If you plan to watch high-definition video (HD-video), you may need a discrete graphics card. In this case, to show standard DVD movies and music special power is not necessary. The only notebooks usually do not have a DVD-drive, so you have to either download the movies or buy an external dvd-drive.

Not the direct responsibility of the mini-notebook, but he is able. Games. Function Room 4 – Play. Ranging from chess, solitaire, pool, and finishing various strategiyay steep three-dimensional 'rpg-shooter' and 'auto-moto-aircraft simulators.

Laptop Graphics

Feature cards in a laptop is that in the course of their work, it is quite hot. One of the main causes of failure of the video card in a mobile PC is a strong overheating of this device. Modern manufacturers in the development of graphics cards for laptops are forced to constantly balance between power and performance graphics card (and hence the degree of heating), compact size and battery life. Peter Asaro is open to suggestions. Video card for a laptop can be divided into discrete and integrated. Integrated graphics cards require insertion into the GPU is one of the components of the laptop, in particular, chipset. Features integrated graphics are small and it loses much of its performance discrete cards, not to mention the video card for desktop PCs.

Such as video cards can memory enable the laptop, which reduces the cost of the mobile device. Integrated graphics cards are able to cope with office tasks, two-dimensional graphics and undemanding to chart games. They are proven for use in budget laptops or office. Discrete graphics cards deliver much better performance due to the presence of its own powerful graphic microprocessor. It was he who carries out the main processing image data, relieving the CPU of these tasks the notebook. Modern discrete graphics cards for notebooks is almost comparable to their performance with graphics cards used in desktop PCs. They consist of a graphics processor, video controller, responsible for forming the image in the video card, memory, and very special cooling system designed to remove heat from the heat-generating chip laptop.

Providing Computer Assistance

Here you are the owner of desired personal computer, an irreplaceable friend, both at work and in life. All your work has become inextricably associated with your high-tech companion – the development of specific especially when working with him, a huge number of intricate games, and just the important information needed in everyday life. But your companion needs constant attention and, if necessary, emergency repairs computers produced by professionals. If you have problems with your PC, even with guarantees, which as a rule, it is very difficult to use, and most importantly, you want to huge investment of time in anticipation of such services, it is useful to seek professional help, the services market which nowadays has become very accessible and extensive. Computer help these days has become very necessary service to information technology. Often there are problems with your computer, get up touchy issues that can not overcome on their own, and sometimes unsafe. And what to do, acquiring new software? In such situations, the lion's share of users is drawn to the professionals who perform computer maintenance. Organizations engaged in such services, staffed by well- trained professionals, knowledgeable in the subtlest nuances of these issues.

They will help restore the lost data has occurred due to damage to the hard disk will destroy so sick of viruses, conduct work on local networks. If necessary, they can advise your staff in working with programs, competent approach to the use of computer technology. Repair of computers in urgency may be you – at home or the office, and in severe cases – in the service center. Do not be discouraged if there was a loss of data on your hard disk. This painstaking and intricate work on the restoration Data hold professionals who provide computer services. This service is not cheap, but sometimes the cost of lost information is much higher. If you encounter such problems do not forget – computer assistance and emergency repairs of computers, introduced in the face of young, energetic, creative and smiling kids in time will come to your call.

Computer Services

A computer nowadays is indispensable man, both at work and in daily life. However, we must be prepared for the fact that even the best computer, as well as a car – a technique in which it is possible failure and needs a qualified computer service. Consider the most common problems for which users need immediate computer help, and solve the problem can on their own. 1. Do not turn your computer. Need to check whether the network computer, monitor, etc.

It is necessary to check whether the driver separately or extension of mains is correctly included in it device (system unit, monitor). Next, check whether the switch on the back of the system unit and whether the power cord plugged into the monitor itself. Check whether there is power in the network – into an outlet of another electrical device. 2. Computer does not boot. Check whether the monitor. You need to check whether there is a floppy disk or CD-ROM, in case if there is – it is necessary to pull it and restart your computer.

Turn off the computer and turn it on after about 2 minutes, try again 2 times. If you did not help – call me a specialist. 4. The computer is offline. You need to check whether the computer network cable. If this fails, we must ask such This problem occurs only with you or on other computers too? If not, then the problem is only in your computer. In this case, the connection should check the power cord. If a similar problem exists in other computers, you should check whether the socket Switch – a device where all the wires converge network. Switches on the lights should flash if it does not, then the instrument should be included in the supply network and the problem will be solved.

Integrated Automation

In any press release or an advertising article, you can see, "1C: Integrated Automation 8 – a modern system and …" then all she can do. And after reading the question, "What can I do? What advantages of this system will give me? "Well, let's look at them: All information is stored in a knowledge base. A single database is easier to maintain, faster backups are much easier to keep track of security. Of course, different users can restrict access to certain subsystems. For example, a sales manager may deny access to accounting data.

Phased implementation. You can choose which subsystem at this point for you is more important to them and to begin implementation. Information system in the first days should benefit. Then you can gradually incorporate more and more subsystems. Follows from the first points. Once we have everything in one database, then we will not have two (three, four …) enter the data. Entered once and use the information in various subsystems.

Of course, you may ask, "What about the transfer of data between 1C configurations? "This further. There is no need to transfer data between different databases. In order to configure and implement the transfer required a specialist. So, have to spend extra money and time. K Moreover, according to Murphy's Law, between the date of reporting may break something. And not the fact that the specialist can quickly come and fix the problem. Centralized management of settings, parameters, and accounting business processes. A more flexible approach to building accountability. Through the mechanism of "Custom Reports" You can develop a user-mode variety of reports. For example, the built-in reporting system to add several speakers. Or join two of the new. And, of course, a new report from scratch. All this can be done on the fly and do not spend extra money on completion. So, do not forget to ask the programmer if he knew the new mechanism? Of course, the system 1C: Integrated Automation 8 – not a magic wand. And it is unlikely to solve all your problems. But something effective and useful it will bring to your business.

Manager Equipment

Some people think that once they have identified a personal computer, provided Internet access and access to documents, you can perform various actions, without incurring any criticism or punishment. Well, for example, download a couple of films. But what the Internet is unlimited in the organization, a gigabyte more GB less, what's the difference? Or take away a brand new home card, and the place of his old place. All the same, because no one sees, and therefore do not know. Networking programs recognized. You can defeat the system and unknowingly, without a second thought. Bring, for example, on a flash drive from the house of the infected files and throw them into the shared folder.

Viruses have a dangerous property spread over a network with the speed of light, and protection from them appears, usually on the a day or two later. Specialists in data security have already realized that ever catch up with technology is meaningless hacker, computer hackers are always one step ahead. Therefore, new techniques are increasingly being built on pre-emptive detection of irregularities in information systems. To the administrator to be aware of everything happening in his computer park, online programs have to react to anything unusual in your network. For example, in a time- response of any equipment, as it may indicate something about his failure, or the fall of an important service for the equipment. Network programs must respond to the excess of traffic limit allocated to the organization or office, or drop speed Internet connection. The reasons for these phenomena may be many, from not very good employee, pumping during the day and downloading movies channel, and problems with networking equipment, not too fair to the provider. Most often, the organizations network programs are designed to help the system administrator or IT – Manager to produce an inventory of equipment and supervision over them. In this case, when it comes to intangibles, the company, its property, it is important to alert the system administrator about this problem. We are talking about integrity and reliability of the staff! Of all It follows the obvious conclusion: the online programs are designed to let them not prevent equipment failure or solve all the problems in the network, but warn them of this administrator malfunction – even before his head sprinkling complaints from users about what "not working", "does not go," "slow."