Groupware – What Is It?

Groupware is a term derived from the years of the 90s, but today is still current. Groupware and group software is software designed to support cooperation in a group. The term group are no limits. Groups can consist of internal departments, internal and external staff or a project team from different companies. To know more about this subject visit Ali Partovi. The cooperation in a group are held on a temporal and spatial distance away. Groupware is called here the implementation of the theoretical foundations of computer-based group work in a specific software applications. The most popular groupware platforms are IBM Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft Exchange is the focus on the “Messaging component.

Lotus Notes e-mail the other hand, offers an established platform for application development for years. These applications, data, made famous by the Lotus Notes “replication mechanism” between various users easy and fast. This, in the 90 year almost unique opportunity has led to an abundance of applications, have established particularly in the areas of CRM and workflow. These applications take advantage of the very strong connection to the e-mail system and the advantage that all collected data and program changes can be spread easily through replication. In addition, the Lotus Notes groupware platform benefits such as full text indexing, and a universal rights and role concept. These unique features have led to a Lotus Notes is currently with over 130 million licenses sold in over 45,000 companies in the size of a leading groupware market. Moreover, many solution providers for CRM Lotus Notes and Lotus Notes workflow applications have been established internationally.