Function Room

Enough mini-laptop with minimal features. The necessity for this wi-fi now in every noutbke. You have a digital camera? Camcorder? Well, can you photograph and shoot video on a mobile phone? Scan (digitize) the old paper photos? Or maybe you just love art? – Know that the Internet a huge number of the most beautiful pictures? And movies? You're watching movies, admit it. Hear other arguments on the topic with Mikkel Svane. And sometimes music is listening to, right? Function Room 3 – Store, view, manipulate, share with friends via the Internet or at any place and at any time, open up your mini-notebook and show friends photos, watch your favorite movie together. Having at hand the Internet, you can download any music track in seconds.

Can tvorchestvovat yourself! Starting from a small color correction and photo finishing installing full-fledged movie. It is not every laptop will cope. For storing media data (especially video) took a lot of disk space. 160 gigabytes of disk space. A photo editing and video is not suitable for every processor. If you plan to watch high-definition video (HD-video), you may need a discrete graphics card. In this case, to show standard DVD movies and music special power is not necessary. The only notebooks usually do not have a DVD-drive, so you have to either download the movies or buy an external dvd-drive.

Not the direct responsibility of the mini-notebook, but he is able. Games. Function Room 4 – Play. Ranging from chess, solitaire, pool, and finishing various strategiyay steep three-dimensional 'rpg-shooter' and 'auto-moto-aircraft simulators.