Manager Equipment

Some people think that once they have identified a personal computer, provided Internet access and access to documents, you can perform various actions, without incurring any criticism or punishment. Well, for example, download a couple of films. But what the Internet is unlimited in the organization, a gigabyte more GB less, what's the difference? Or take away a brand new home card, and the place of his old place. All the same, because no one sees, and therefore do not know. Networking programs recognized. You can defeat the system and unknowingly, without a second thought. Bring, for example, on a flash drive from the house of the infected files and throw them into the shared folder.

Viruses have a dangerous property spread over a network with the speed of light, and protection from them appears, usually on the a day or two later. Specialists in data security have already realized that ever catch up with technology is meaningless hacker, computer hackers are always one step ahead. Therefore, new techniques are increasingly being built on pre-emptive detection of irregularities in information systems. To the administrator to be aware of everything happening in his computer park, online programs have to react to anything unusual in your network. For example, in a time- response of any equipment, as it may indicate something about his failure, or the fall of an important service for the equipment. Network programs must respond to the excess of traffic limit allocated to the organization or office, or drop speed Internet connection. The reasons for these phenomena may be many, from not very good employee, pumping during the day and downloading movies channel, and problems with networking equipment, not too fair to the provider. Most often, the organizations network programs are designed to help the system administrator or IT – Manager to produce an inventory of equipment and supervision over them. In this case, when it comes to intangibles, the company, its property, it is important to alert the system administrator about this problem. We are talking about integrity and reliability of the staff! Of all It follows the obvious conclusion: the online programs are designed to let them not prevent equipment failure or solve all the problems in the network, but warn them of this administrator malfunction – even before his head sprinkling complaints from users about what "not working", "does not go," "slow."