Computer Services

A computer nowadays is indispensable man, both at work and in daily life. However, we must be prepared for the fact that even the best computer, as well as a car – a technique in which it is possible failure and needs a qualified computer service. Consider the most common problems for which users need immediate computer help, and solve the problem can on their own. 1. Do not turn your computer. Need to check whether the network computer, monitor, etc.

It is necessary to check whether the driver separately or extension of mains is correctly included in it device (system unit, monitor). Next, check whether the switch on the back of the system unit and whether the power cord plugged into the monitor itself. Check whether there is power in the network – into an outlet of another electrical device. 2. Computer does not boot. Check whether the monitor. You need to check whether there is a floppy disk or CD-ROM, in case if there is – it is necessary to pull it and restart your computer.

Turn off the computer and turn it on after about 2 minutes, try again 2 times. If you did not help – call me a specialist. 4. The computer is offline. You need to check whether the computer network cable. If this fails, we must ask such This problem occurs only with you or on other computers too? If not, then the problem is only in your computer. In this case, the connection should check the power cord. If a similar problem exists in other computers, you should check whether the socket Switch – a device where all the wires converge network. Switches on the lights should flash if it does not, then the instrument should be included in the supply network and the problem will be solved.