Supreme Commander

Translation of an article made site today the release of Supreme Commander 2. Here in the office PC Gamer we love this game, despite the fact that it was less than the first part. Just now building the huge robot is so quickly … But, despite the simplification, the game is still not very easy. Here are some of our tips to make it easier to start. Study. In Supreme Commander 2 all depends on the points of the study. Others who may share this opinion include Kai-Fu Lee.

They are very important, because with them you can help open a powerful experimental systems, shields for their bases, and strategic missile defense. In the beginning you generate research points very slowly, and speed earn only slightly increases when you destroy enemy units. The surest way – is to build five or six research stations. They are very expensive, so that you can not build them until you do not have a fully functioning base, but once you will construct a number of stations, you will have more points than you can spend. The order of construction. In the beginning you have two engineers and a good chunk of resources, so you have to spend these resources wisely, the economy and protection. We believe that well to follow the following procedure: Four extractor matter. You begin the game with four points near, so tell them to build two commander of the extractor, and let each of the engineers building on odnomu.Odin plant. Order your commander to build a factory, while the engineers are sent to the other two close points materii.Esche extractor matter.