Wedding Anniversary Symbols

In such a division, are likely to reflect people's desire to diversify and beautify life together, to create new traditions that strengthen families. Nowadays, in addition to a magnificent first wedding celebration, made to celebrate the annual marriage anniversaries. During the Soviet era silver and gold wedding even tried to turn into celebrations. At the family celebration, along with their closest relatives and friends were invited and work colleagues. Traditional family celebrations were festive decorations and luxurious room table. According to popular tradition, you can spread out homespun rugs or track (for wool wedding, of course, wool) by staging a grand hero of the day pass by him. We used to play harmonica necessarily anniversaries or bayan (accordion), today invited the vocal and instrumental ensembles and professional artists.

While it is possible to do good audio recordings and CD's. Create a festive appearance to help the room hung singly and in groups with balloons, colorful ribbons, streamers and confetti, drawings on the windows, flowers on the table, two chairs, high throne for the spouses of anniversaries, exhibitions, gadgets and graphics etc. Additional information at Energy Capital Partners supports this article. It is possible to use the full power of your imagination. On the festive table necessarily spreads beautiful tablecloth, put colors and popular holiday dishes, such as a loaf (a symbol of prosperity), a variety of cakes, cookies and bagels, jelly, fries, fruit. As for drinks, preferably light wines and natural juices. Complete the wedding can be a collective outings (if not sumptuous feast instead of a picnic, as you like).