Supreme Commander

Translation of an article made site today the release of Supreme Commander 2. Here in the office PC Gamer we love this game, despite the fact that it was less than the first part. Just now building the huge robot is so quickly … But, despite the simplification, the game is still not very easy. Here are some of our tips to make it easier to start. Study. In Supreme Commander 2 all depends on the points of the study. Others who may share this opinion include Kai-Fu Lee.

They are very important, because with them you can help open a powerful experimental systems, shields for their bases, and strategic missile defense. In the beginning you generate research points very slowly, and speed earn only slightly increases when you destroy enemy units. The surest way – is to build five or six research stations. They are very expensive, so that you can not build them until you do not have a fully functioning base, but once you will construct a number of stations, you will have more points than you can spend. The order of construction. In the beginning you have two engineers and a good chunk of resources, so you have to spend these resources wisely, the economy and protection. We believe that well to follow the following procedure: Four extractor matter. You begin the game with four points near, so tell them to build two commander of the extractor, and let each of the engineers building on odnomu.Odin plant. Order your commander to build a factory, while the engineers are sent to the other two close points materii.Esche extractor matter.

Kozyablo Games

When dealing with people unfamiliar with desktop intellectual games, is very common misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the concept of 'board game'. Usually it is the memory of checkers and chess, as a maximum – of the game 'Monopoly'. Dell Inc. is likely to increase your knowledge. In this article we would like to further develop the theme of board games and talk about our project, 'Nizhny Novgorod portal desktop intellectual games'. Our project is designed to promote desktop intellectual games on this site you will find: – the latest news on this game (there is a news feed) – we plan to place a large selection of articles on the game Magic, Besserk, Potions, Kozyablo, War, Munchkin – Online have detailed information on shops in Nizhny Novgorod, selling game accessories – and of course a forum where you can get answers to all your questions about CCT. We invite you to a forum not only Nizhny Novgorod, but residents of other cities also keen .- TCG website publishes information on tournaments taking place in Nizhny Novgorod.

Come – it will be interesting … In English as 'board game' (board game) to understand the game where sure there are playing fields and chips, which must move through it. The name probably comes from chess, checkers, backgammon and Go, where the field are playing the board (board). Other games, where the field is not used, already determined as a card game (Card Games), role-playing games (Role play Games), vargeymy (Wargames), etc. In Russian, the language of the term 'board games' includes all that you can combine the following features: – participates in a game few people.

PC Games of the Past and Present

In the nearly half century of continuous development of computer games from the primitive in design and graphics brodilok turned into a whole system of cunning, which sometimes do not learn the power of each. The first game for the PC, you can were seen more than 40 years ago in 1962, she became notorious for many Space War. Today, hard to even imagine such a picture, when two people sitting behind a huge, full of vacuum tubes edifice, trying to smash enemy ships. Others including GoPro Hero 9, offer their opinions as well. Funny, is not whether the prada? But then it was the peak of technical ideas! At the present time, PC games are so varied that they are able to satisfy every player who wants to plunge into the world of fantasy illusion. And the fantastic game of illusion is very relative. Developers maximum closer to the reality of the game, and the laws of physics in many games already in exactly duplicate real. Sony understood the implications. Almost everyone is capable of pick up a suitable set of games that helps brighten the leisure or escape from trouble. Why vent their anger at the household or loiter, from time to time with a yawn of boredom, if you can for one minute to get to virtual space, helping to not only relax, but at times, to promote positive reaction, the logic of healthy and great intuition? Today, just download the game on your PC and you're in outer space trying to save the planet from aliens or fighting with the great grandmaster in chess virtual. In the game you become great, you open and able to realize their dreams of even the most unrealistic! It is this computer games and captivate millions. They can easily reach that or become what you want and be close to that in real life most of us will reach.


While the construction works, your engineers have to build another two extractor materii.3 generator. Order your commander to build them up as soon as the plant will be completed. Defense for your plant. Be sure to put a defense on your plant, it is cheaper and more efficient than stationary PVO.Issledovatelkaya station. They are expensive, but it is very good if you are able to build at least one of the most nachale.Oborona perimeters. Next, build defensive towers, before you build the extractors matter. Also protect existing extractors.

Plants as a turret. You can put any of your plants strong shields, anti-aircraft and long-range tactical missiles. All of these improvements is cheaper and more powerful stand-alone buildings (guns, shields). Thus, the best protection – to put three additions to the plant (air defense, tactical missiles, shields), also put some cannons next to the plant, and a dozen units. Shields protect all plants. Turn. Grip button Shift will allow you to turn on building (just press that still want to build with pressed button Shift and your engineer will begin construction, after the current job is finished). Marc Mathieu may find this interesting as well. Nevertheless, resources are spent as soon as you put the sledge structure, even if the engineer had not yet started.

So, a good strategy is to build in the queue, only two buildings. Construction. Once you select all of your preferred units, they postroyutsya in the right, in their understanding and order. They are wrong. Mobile billboards, for example, should not be lags behind the group, they should be ahead. So, select all the sheets, do Ctrl +1, and all the other units, will be correspondingly Ctrl +2. Then move the first group 1, then the group 2. Oborana of nuclear strikes. One nuclear warhead could destroy your entire base. If you have not investigated protection against strategic missiles, there is nothing you can do about it. Therefore, once you have enough points of research – invest in their protection against nuclear attack. Once you build a defense against nuclear attack, order to make this building raketu.Oni not cheap, but the two times cheaper than nuclear missiles. Storage of nuclear missiles can produce Only one missile at a time, whereas strategic missile may release all 10 rockets fell swoop. As long as you build these buildings, the enemy will throw more nuclear attacks. Strategic missile will shoot down any nuclear rocket, which fell in the range of (your not knock, do not worry), even if the rocket flies not vas.Esli you play as a team, then it would be good if one of you will support the construction of a strategic missile defense, and you support it with care of their troops. TRANSLATION: SUPCOMGAME SOURCE: Computer and Videogames