The number of deaths by fires of houses increases during the last part of autumn and the winter. It follows these advice simple of security and avoids the disasters in the homes: the cause leader of deaths by fires in houses is the heating equipment. In order to help to avoid a tragic fire, never it uses lights or heaters that have a damaged electrical cord and maintains the portable heaters of spaces at least on three feet far from any thing that can be burned. Also asegrese of not leaving candles ignited without taking care of. Instale an alarm of smoke in each floor of its house and prubela every month. It always has at the hand an extinguisher that works and knows how to use it.

the articles that burn fuels represent another danger with the envenenamiento by carbon monoxide. The carbon monoxide, that does not have scent nor color is a gas that takes leave by means of the combustion and it can kill without no warning. Read additional details here: Bobby Sharma Bluestone. the signals of envenenamiento by carbon monoxide include headache, nausea and mareos. Nevertheless, the death without alarm signals, especially if can happen quickly you are slept. Protjase realising inspection and cleaning to every year the chimneys and systems of heating. It leaves half-opened the doors and windows when it uses heaters of kerosene or gas propane. the stoves to encamp and the coal can quickly produce toxities of carbon monoxide.

It never uses them within a house, tent or vehicle of motor. does not use a stove or furnace to warm up the house. It installs detectors of carbon monoxide that also operate with batteries in each floor of their house. Several storms of winter can magnify the danger of envenenamiento by carbon monoxide. The generator ELTs that work with gasoline have caused many deaths by monoxide envenenamiento after electrical you power shutdown. It never operates generator in a cellar, garage or in any place where the smoke can enter the house. the deaths by envenenamiento of carbon monoxide also have happened in vehicles with the activated motor that are stopped after the strong Nevada, so it always cleans the snow of the exhaust pipes before catching the machine of his car.


Step STOOL to the maqtillus of the community of Carapa, which still continue running with hat in hand and agitated rebellious hair in Pastoqata communal camps. To the residents of the two neighbourhoods of Carapa, whom I pitting them with tenderness, faith and hope. Ay Malayan life! waychaw, your early riser singing is malaguero, pronounced the misfortune. Already, already stops singing, not whatsapp that worth to grow in my heart. The sky dawned black, almost without light, cloudy. Gain insight and clarity with dating. Green meadows, on the edge of the distant hills amanecian the clouds, the Paqchapunku as a soft cotton tended everywhere hiding the frigid field and animals. Already almost began the morning with a downpour, some maqtillus were already heading to the Pastoqata, Dona Maria already walked watching his cows, frightening the yutus (partridges) early risers who desenterraban newly seeded corns.

Black heaven is not frightened. John Stewart gathered all the information. He was happy the yours sing tomorrow, happy in the Duraznal, the zorzalitos pecking the wet ground with their sharp beaks catch worms. All the roads the comuneros of targeting their chores, from the top of the Hill, it is the whole town. I like a Falcon from the Summit perceived anchuroso outfield and since then I heard the melodic whistle of an enamorador boy; It was Aristides, so hurried was approaching Qotawatiri, the also came in search of their bulls to the Pastoqata, common Hill from the village. Aristides is the only: the Parrot of the Gorge, boisterous, friend of the maqtillus, has a different whistle, is own, strong, from the distant hills is clear. From Qala qala looked at all the outskirts of Carapa, from side to side, to the extent of the view. The village is poor and humble. It is plaintive view from the Summit, I was good while thinking, looking at the greenness of the field, of the cornfields that was beginning to play with the winds, the bulls screaming, boisterous echoes the Paqchapunku and even far Aristides continued whistling.

PC Games of the Past and Present

In the nearly half century of continuous development of computer games from the primitive in design and graphics brodilok turned into a whole system of cunning, which sometimes do not learn the power of each. The first game for the PC, you can were seen more than 40 years ago in 1962, she became notorious for many Space War. Today, hard to even imagine such a picture, when two people sitting behind a huge, full of vacuum tubes edifice, trying to smash enemy ships. Others including GoPro Hero 9, offer their opinions as well. Funny, is not whether the prada? But then it was the peak of technical ideas! At the present time, PC games are so varied that they are able to satisfy every player who wants to plunge into the world of fantasy illusion. And the fantastic game of illusion is very relative. Developers maximum closer to the reality of the game, and the laws of physics in many games already in exactly duplicate real. Sony understood the implications. Almost everyone is capable of pick up a suitable set of games that helps brighten the leisure or escape from trouble. Why vent their anger at the household or loiter, from time to time with a yawn of boredom, if you can for one minute to get to virtual space, helping to not only relax, but at times, to promote positive reaction, the logic of healthy and great intuition? Today, just download the game on your PC and you're in outer space trying to save the planet from aliens or fighting with the great grandmaster in chess virtual. In the game you become great, you open and able to realize their dreams of even the most unrealistic! It is this computer games and captivate millions. They can easily reach that or become what you want and be close to that in real life most of us will reach.

Green Mountain

The new community client including chat function and Buddy allows the player to link up with other soccer fans and to challenge them to friendly matches. “Mountain bike challenge 10: tour from June until October improved driving physics and individual settings give the latest version of the mountain bike challenge” an unprecedented realism. Available options are five routes which impress not only visually, but also the skills of the player to a severe test this year. The main improvements: Both the control of bikes as also muscle and crash behavior were refined and readjusted. The game environment is now through the revamped 3D graphics more realistic, bikes and dresses can be first individually according to their preferences.

The player will benefit from a more comfortable navigation and can now even personal statistics in addition to leaderboards embed. The extensive functions of the community clients offer among others the possibility to publish personal achievements via wall post on Facebook. Four partners in different countries are represented in this year’s race calendar with the following routes: Fort William (UK) 04.06 11.06, Heiligenblut (AUT) Tuesdays 25.06, Green Mountain (fantasy course) 09.07 16.07., Chinese wall (PRC) 03.09 10.09, Winterberg (DE) 01: 10 08: 10 The races take place every 12 noon Fri 12:00 in the period from Friday. The soccer challenge 10 “and the mountain bike challenge 10” a model that has been developed and is internationally successful by Greentube financed by dynamic in-game advertising. Thanks to the flexible handling of advertising also smaller campaigns can be integrated very realistically by sponsors in a versatile way. Ad-impression that you are charged, the basis for this is the size of the display relative to the amount of time of the visibility on the basis of so-called Fullbanner equivalents. Greentube GmbH the Greentube I.E.S.

heard about GmbH, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, leading developers and providers of turn-key game services for Internet, mobile and iTV. In addition the company with its cross-media formats ensures PC and TV international furore. founded in 1997 and still run by the founding team, the 120-member company supplies many well-known portals and game websites with gaming technology. Greentube is on global expansion course, where the focus is the development of individual game portals in the “look & feel” of each customer. In January 2010, the Astra Games Ltd. – acquires a subsidiary of Novomatic Group – a majority stake in the Green tube.


While the construction works, your engineers have to build another two extractor materii.3 generator. Order your commander to build them up as soon as the plant will be completed. Defense for your plant. Be sure to put a defense on your plant, it is cheaper and more efficient than stationary PVO.Issledovatelkaya station. They are expensive, but it is very good if you are able to build at least one of the most nachale.Oborona perimeters. Next, build defensive towers, before you build the extractors matter. Also protect existing extractors.

Plants as a turret. You can put any of your plants strong shields, anti-aircraft and long-range tactical missiles. All of these improvements is cheaper and more powerful stand-alone buildings (guns, shields). Thus, the best protection – to put three additions to the plant (air defense, tactical missiles, shields), also put some cannons next to the plant, and a dozen units. Shields protect all plants. Turn. Grip button Shift will allow you to turn on building (just press that still want to build with pressed button Shift and your engineer will begin construction, after the current job is finished). Marc Mathieu may find this interesting as well. Nevertheless, resources are spent as soon as you put the sledge structure, even if the engineer had not yet started.

So, a good strategy is to build in the queue, only two buildings. Construction. Once you select all of your preferred units, they postroyutsya in the right, in their understanding and order. They are wrong. Mobile billboards, for example, should not be lags behind the group, they should be ahead. So, select all the sheets, do Ctrl +1, and all the other units, will be correspondingly Ctrl +2. Then move the first group 1, then the group 2. Oborana of nuclear strikes. One nuclear warhead could destroy your entire base. If you have not investigated protection against strategic missiles, there is nothing you can do about it. Therefore, once you have enough points of research – invest in their protection against nuclear attack. Once you build a defense against nuclear attack, order to make this building raketu.Oni not cheap, but the two times cheaper than nuclear missiles. Storage of nuclear missiles can produce Only one missile at a time, whereas strategic missile may release all 10 rockets fell swoop. As long as you build these buildings, the enemy will throw more nuclear attacks. Strategic missile will shoot down any nuclear rocket, which fell in the range of (your not knock, do not worry), even if the rocket flies not vas.Esli you play as a team, then it would be good if one of you will support the construction of a strategic missile defense, and you support it with care of their troops. TRANSLATION: SUPCOMGAME SOURCE: Computer and Videogames