If your basement is not meet the required parameters (temperature and humidity), do not despair. Returning to normal will help a special air conditioning system. It should be a unit of $ 3 thousand, however, its operation causes some inconvenience to the owner. The fact is that its outer part, in contrast to household air-conditioners would not work in the street will not stand frost. It is therefore necessary to construct a separate room in the basement of the same or mounted directly in the home where she will be around the clock to make noise and disrupt your nervous system. As for the interior of the cellar, then there are various options. If you are not very interested in the aesthetic side of the issue, it is enough simply to install shelves for bottles (by the way, the bottle should lie on their sides, so that the entire inner surface of the tube was closed with wine).

Special racks made of wood or metal, will cost you $ 50-100 per 1 sq. km. m serious collectors recommend installation of shelves of limestone. First, in contrast to the stone of the same tree is not so much covered with nasty slimy mold. Secondly, it smooths out fluctuations in temperature when you open the door of the cellar. Standing stone shelving expensive – about $ 500 per 1 sq. km.

m. If the cellar should be not only a place to store bottles, but also a cozy corner in your home before installing Shelving can do minor repairs. For example, to lay the concrete basement walls with brick or decorative panels. Or build arochki, entwined with grape vines. It will not hurt as a table for tasting. Garnish with a cellar can present an oak barrel, which once made wine. It costs about $ 500. Well, where wine-tasting, and there corkscrews, glasses special and other accessories. I must say that all these little things are just too expensive. For example, a crystal glass handmade internationally recognized firm Riedel cost about $ 80. And if you want to entertain friends with wine? .. In short, construction of the cellar – not a cheap pleasure. Will not less than $ 10 thousand, but if you do not have that kind of money or, indeed, the basement, you can purchase a special cabinet temperature for storing wine. These cabinets are like refrigerators, they can be stored in a small wine collections. They cost $ 3-4 thousand for request a case can be finished with a valuable wood, but then the cost will be expensive.