If your basement is not meet the required parameters (temperature and humidity), do not despair. Returning to normal will help a special air conditioning system. It should be a unit of $ 3 thousand, however, its operation causes some inconvenience to the owner. The fact is that its outer part, in contrast to household air-conditioners would not work in the street will not stand frost. It is therefore necessary to construct a separate room in the basement of the same or mounted directly in the home where she will be around the clock to make noise and disrupt your nervous system. As for the interior of the cellar, then there are various options. If you are not very interested in the aesthetic side of the issue, it is enough simply to install shelves for bottles (by the way, the bottle should lie on their sides, so that the entire inner surface of the tube was closed with wine).

Special racks made of wood or metal, will cost you $ 50-100 per 1 sq. km. m serious collectors recommend installation of shelves of limestone. First, in contrast to the stone of the same tree is not so much covered with nasty slimy mold. Secondly, it smooths out fluctuations in temperature when you open the door of the cellar. Standing stone shelving expensive – about $ 500 per 1 sq. km.

m. If the cellar should be not only a place to store bottles, but also a cozy corner in your home before installing Shelving can do minor repairs. For example, to lay the concrete basement walls with brick or decorative panels. Or build arochki, entwined with grape vines. It will not hurt as a table for tasting. Garnish with a cellar can present an oak barrel, which once made wine. It costs about $ 500. Well, where wine-tasting, and there corkscrews, glasses special and other accessories. I must say that all these little things are just too expensive. For example, a crystal glass handmade internationally recognized firm Riedel cost about $ 80. And if you want to entertain friends with wine? .. In short, construction of the cellar – not a cheap pleasure. Will not less than $ 10 thousand, but if you do not have that kind of money or, indeed, the basement, you can purchase a special cabinet temperature for storing wine. These cabinets are like refrigerators, they can be stored in a small wine collections. They cost $ 3-4 thousand for request a case can be finished with a valuable wood, but then the cost will be expensive.

Erecting a Fence

Erection of a fence or fence in our time is the equivalent construction of the house. This happens even for a long time. While fences were the construction of large logs. Also, the erection of the town started with create barriers. Consider the most popular types of fencing: brick zaborybetonnye zaboryderevyannye zaborymetallicheskie zaborykamennye zaborykombinirovannye fences enough durable type of fence are brick fences. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Peter Asaro .

These structures can stand in for fifty years. The present ease the brick fence give the arch, as well as niche. To build a brick fence is used only two types of bricks: conventional and facing. Construction of a brick fence construction begins with the foundation. For more specific information, check out Pete Cashmore. To begin work digging trenches and creating formwork for concrete pouring. The bricks are applied to support the rigid structure, formed in Because of this, over time, fences are losing their original appearance.

And, of course, the last shortcoming is not a cheap construction cost of the brick fence. One of the most reliable types of fences are concrete fences. At construction of concrete fence to start creating the base, or so-called glass. In its upper region is formed by four-sided hole. It is set for a pillar of support in which there are grooves in which the set slab of concrete. This type of fence is installed quickly and is quite durable. There are also disadvantages. When erecting such fence is very difficult to achieve a beautiful design. This is usually used poles made of concrete with wood fill. Thanks to him, the fence can be painted in any color, interesting host. The next, not durable, but the most common type is the wooden fences. On most of their widespread use due to the relatively inexpensive cost. And as an absolute benefits of such protections is the possibility of replacing damaged parts. Props and enclosing the area are components of the wooden fences. These are pillars of support materials such as metal or brick. Metal fences may in turn be welded or forged. It is often forged fences important elements of landscape design. Fence of wire mesh is quite simple in construction, as well as durable. The most durable is the grid, which includes the zinc coating. No less are also durable and stone fences. For their construction using these types of stone like sandstone, limestone or coquina. There are also fences, consisting of several different materials. These types of fences called combined. These highlights 'intake of the case' will help you make the right choice.

Plastic Windows

The number of plastic windows installed by Russia, is growing every year. Significant contribution to this process which takes place widely introduced in the state program overhaul, during which you are installing new plastic windows, often to replace the old wooden ones. In addition to the positive side, this involves a number of problems. First of all, do the windows and the master: and those, and others – of unknown origin. Quality – appropriate.

Furthermore, among the many receiving such a gift the poor, which replaced the normal cheap glass can not afford. This means that very soon the latter-day owners attend to repairs plastic windows. To these are added many of those who lost income because of the crisis and wants to save money. There is a misconception that once supplied the window itself will last 20-40 years. However, to achieve such a result can not be without proper operation. A related site: Ali Partovi mentions similar findings. In particular, we are talking about competent service windows, which allows to detect defects.

It is important to identify the problem before the consequences become irreversible. Indeed, a small plastic window repair (replacement of individual parts, tuning, etc.) is much cheaper than removal and installation of new case in disrepair. Although the mosquito nets are one of the more options to hedge these pesky insects have become quite popular, especially outside major cities. They allow you to block the path of the flying creatures, but do not impede air flow, ie allow to rest the air conditioner and also help save money on repellents. Repair of mosquito nets is not difficult due to the ease of installation and removal. Putting such a grid it is most convenient at once, but you can do it and in the process of repairing plastic windows. There are situations where replacement of glass – the only way. This, above all, the deformation profile. Sometimes it can be prevented by adjusting the plastic windows will help to remove the tension. In addition, is that the repairs cost the price of replacing the glass, if broken all the windows. In this case, it is more convenient to make a new box than to suffer with the old. Thus, a major increase in demand for repair of windows is inevitable in the near future time. In these circumstances it is important not to get on just a hack who can not pass by this growing market.

Necessary Quot

– To fix the tiles on the adhesive, try to provide adequate ventilation – some adhesive mixtures tend to have toxic side effects. If possible do not provide ventilation, make sure the glue is non-toxic, this should be clearly written on the packaging. – If quality tiles in doubt, before laying it is desirable to sort out – will have to put substandard in places where it is not clear, and some defects can be simply cut with pruning. In addition to the appearance of dimensional stability is important tiles, this parameter is also needed sorting. This is done in several ways, that's what I can offer: it is hammered by a distance equal to the standard size tiles, two nails and trying to push through between each tile. In addition, you must do the same next pattern, only an inch smaller. Thus, some of the tiles that passes through both the template will be less than the standard, but has not passed any through a – more. Applications for such tiles can be found only one thing – cutting.

– If you're going to lay tile on top of the system "warm floor" is needed buckle! Without a tie, most likely, will not achieve the necessary strength of the base, and the expense of tile adhesive will be simply horrendous. In preparing the screed manufacturer's instructions the system "warm floor". – Be sure to check the corners, which will be a bath, shower and large enough furniture – they must be straight, if the angle is different from 90 degrees at best you will be disappointed as narrowing the gap after the installation of furniture or a bath. – Do not forget that for facilitate the organization of the corners, there are special plastic profile that mimic the curved inner and outer corners. Using them is optional, but they can be used to make beautiful and neat corners, not even having too much experience in the tiling.

Injection Waterproofing

Waterproofing – a complex of measures for the protection of buildings and structures on the water. In the process of penetrating waterproofing works are used, and roll obmazochnoy membrane materials and compositions. Peter Asaro is likely to increase your knowledge. There several types of waterproofing: surface, penetrating and injecting. Surface sealing is used for surface treatment of construction to prevent moisture penetration. Serves both outside and for internal processing. Penetrating waterproofing treatment is used for exterior foundations are in contact with water. It used liquid hydrophobic solutions, are absorbed into the surface to be treated and forming insoluble sulphates. Injection waterproofing is carried out by pumping materials under high pressure using special equipment – packers.

Injection gidroizolyatsiyapolimernymi formulations used in place of contact with the soil structure or other structure. It provides insulation cracks and voids, strengthening the foundations, the establishment of the outer waterproof membrane and thus prevents leakage. For designs requiring injection waterproofing, foundation are buildings, bridges, transportation facilities, tunnels and underpasses, underground parking garages and other areas. Technology of the works is this: in the concrete at a distance of about 50 cm apart zasverlivayutsya injecting holes from 10 to 20 mm. To fix cracks, breaks or other defects in the holes made Not through to create a waterproof membrane – through. In the case of holes gidroreaktivnyh materials are washed with water to saturate the material of construction water. Then they injected injection compounds that protect structures from water intake. After that, being made to destroy the fungus, neutralizing salts and application of special types of plasters.

There are four types of materials for Injection waterproofing: polyurethane, epoxy, acrylate gels and mikrotsementy. The most effective materials and polyurethane acrylate gels with high plasticity and are not destroyed when the structural loads. These compounds are gidroreaktivnymi, that is, the process of polymerization takes place under the influence of moisture. Waterproofing polyurethane polymers recognized as the most cost-effective: the interaction with water composition increased in volume almost 20 times.