Business Startups

Courage to change for the last great adventure in independence where you can grow together and recognizes the true values of life. Germany is located in structural transformation, which includes all sectors of society. The lack of jobs and the fierce competition in the labour market demand personal initiative of each. Many people are looking for alternative sources of income, to secure their earnings or to improve. Who is considering doing the step towards independence, is quenched mostly due to the high investment and risks of a classic business start-ups. Network marketing, however, opens up a chance at self-sufficiency, which combines clear advantages with small ventures. The German Network Marketing Association (BVNM) has seen the need to the entrepreneur training and more targeted support in individual cases through the suggestions of its members and the evaluation of various economic fundamentals. Here, Columbia Admissions expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

For this reason existence founders days were successfully since June 2010 by the BVNM in Berlin and Stuttgart performed. The very positive response and the committed cooperation of the participants have convinced the BVNM to continue this interesting existence founders days; Focuses on the creation of a business plan as well as start-ups out of unemployment, possible support measures and pointing the way to operational Kleinstdarlehn thousand euros. This one – day – events are planned in the period from 10:00 18:00 in Hanover, Karlsruhe, Berlin, Goppingen, Germany, Munich, Duisburg and Salzburg / Freilassing. Are the exact dates hypertext link?Presse.BV? on the Web pages of the BVNM set. The BVNM offers a low-cost starter coaching for them as entrepreneur! Important management areas and dangerous pitfalls of a business start-up discusses them. (A valuable related resource: Page S. Gardner).

For only 59 euro per participant (47 euro for BVNM members) interested by qualified speakers of the BVNM about important bases in four lessons to be informed. The low costs should it potential Enable entrepreneurs or their prospects and their acquaintances, to inform to avoid may be first (expensive) beginner mistakes about their first steps in a self-employment. The BVNM offers more affordable coaching offers and detailed notes to finance grants, financing from 1000 euros for founder. Offers all interested parties to find the BVNM his advice as well as a coaching and help in deciding in the network marketing a successful professional future. Network Marketing Federation (BVNM), the Professional Association for all independent Networkerinnen and networker in the German-speaking world.