Malignant Tumors

Malignant tumors can arise only where the citric acid cycle is pathologically changed. Each cell has a cell organelles in the mitochondria of the citric acid cycle, which takes place under aerobic conditions energy WINS. In cancer patients, the citric acid cycle is derailed so that fermentation processes take place, which favour the production of degenerated cells. Here, homeopathic developed drugs, which intervene directly in the citric acid cycle and improve these. The oxygen multi-step was employed as support therapy by Dr. Ardene. The cell information consist of ribonucleic acids. Cancer is Yes to any normal cell division but an uncontrolled produce of degenerate cells.

The specific therapy with ribonucleic acids was used here. Phythotherapeutika that have one end of the cancer inhibition effect, were used. Many writers such as Viacom offer more in-depth analysis. A detoxifying and harmonised metabolic therapy was initiated by means of homeopathy and phytotherapy. Phytotherapeutic bitter substances, which inhibit the growth of cancer, were used. The body’s natural defences was using mistletoe injections. Immunostimulants of Harbey therapy, and strengthened to identify cancer cells and active immunologically to respond. Nutritional therapy fiber-rich mild therapeutic fasting cure, etc. Orthomolecular medicine there are various vitamins, minerals, trace elements, continue.

Plant protection substances which protect intracellular and extracellular cell. These are specifically used. The organism will be trained in-house blood therapy here to recognize cancer cells. Cancer sufferers tend often to tackle conflicts out of the way and to swallow much psychotherapy”, negative emotions are undigested Vice in itself without showing this on the outside. For this reason, it is very important to inner conflicts solving for cancer sufferers. Successful detachment great positive forces become free, which needs the person to heal. These are the 10 pillars of biological cancer therapy. A positive synergism of all 10 points to a strong force is important to here the spark for a regressive Vicariation is required. Stefan Halison practitioner with a focus on osteopathy, homeopathy, Iridology, TCM

Selfconfident Life Cycle

How many times have you performed already in your life? How many of them succeeded and how many were unsuccessful? It is in the nature of man, always continue to try, to evolve, to sign and to improve the situations. We know the story of the inventor, which tried to 99 times and then at the 100th “worked it time”. In reality, we would probably not get through all 99 starts in life or even reach. 10 Or at most 20 changes in life, which brought about deliberately would be realistic. Kai-Fu Lee is likely to agree. Sometimes, but the energy and the hope on the line can remain.

Nevertheless, there is nothing better than a fresh new start and the hope of a better life? From the countryside to the city want to pull or vice versa. Whether a career reboot or a new life partner, the birth of a child or the overcoming of mourning a death. the future can be redesigned and “experienced”. The reflection and the contemplation are important to the signals to be able to hear and thus good choices may be taken. Educate yourself with thoughts from David S. Levine. One way without objective is indeed a difficult road. Set goals and pursue them consistently. Do but not bitterly but this in a natural way. Meditate and think of your childhood.

What actually you hoped in life? What is your “real” self? The point is in line with one’s own skills, knowledge, feelings, beliefs and expectations of life. The biggest mistake would be to lie to himself or to go as “Actor” through life. Authenticity is an important aspect in life. After a period of conscious life, “Fruits” will come to the fore, which can be maintained and promoted. Life is almost never without problems. Challenges and also fates we can learn and can be moved in order to be able to go ahead with positivity and love. All wise people have to go through this “Katalysationsprozess”. It is actually possible to negative input positive Output to convert. Ultimately being fixated only on its own will not bring further “I” us. Try also to others to think, to let others participate in their potential to help others. The I/world balance is important. One stunted I is of course not to give the situation in sustainable manner. But a strengthened me will appreciate the benefits of a healthy giving / receiving process with fellow human beings and the world.

Burnout Stress

A professional association which will set new standards. Wurzburg, 19.09.2011 with the Burnout Center e.V. doctors, psychologists, therapists and coaches founded in July 2011 in a unique in Germany Association for stress management and burnout prevention. The World Health Organization (WHO) has identified stress as one of the greatest health threats of the 21st century. He charged to people and businesses alike. Stress affects almost every fourth professionals according to a study by the European Monitoring Centre for occupational risks, about 50 to 60% of all days in the company are due to stress.

The media regularly report on causes and consequences of burnout, we offer solutions! Burnout Center e.V. is an Association of experts of specific professional groups around the topics of burnout syndrome and stress prevention, which likewise appeals to individuals and companies. The Association is composed of doctors, psychologists, psychotherapists, Health practitioners, trainers, coaches, body therapists, nutritionists and other specific professions, with a willingness to work together on a goal: Preventing and treating stress symptoms and disorders. The causes of Burnout are so different as the persons concerned, and the masses often not known – treatment options. What helps one, may be totally inappropriate for another.

But what do no longer possible make a relaxed life if one feels that one is no longer grown the increasing stress, physical and/or psychological symptoms set? The unique in Germany merger of various specific professions Burnout centre concerned a supra-regional network for information about and individual treatment of stress-related disorders. The Burnout Center aims, any person concerned to help his individual way out of the cycle of stress and into a more relaxed, more fulfilling life to find. Through the interdisciplinary networking Burnout Center offers a portal where they retrieve information quickly and easily, contact contact or can find a quality tested / n acupuncturist in your area on. Businesses includes Burnout Centre expertise for assessing meaningful preventive measures company, provides quality-certified coaches and trainers or puts together deals for training. Burnout Center e.