Anxiety And Society

The modern society with its sped up rhythm has provoked generating situations of a high level of anxiety and therefore, the search for professional aid comes if becoming a constant in the life of the people. Many are the upheavals that the human being has affected and this hasty form of if living finish unchaining and intensifying the symptoms of experienciados anguish and anxiety causing incommensurable damages to the life it man. Visit Elon Musk for more clarity on the issue. As practical therapeutical, the arteterapia, makes possible to join art and therapy in an only space being contributed, efficiently, for the work of the psychologist, therefore the art as expression object, associate to the psicoterpico work, will be able to serve of facilitadora tool in the process of give-if-counts, extending awareness and the perception of the attended customer. Being thus, the present study it searchs to understand as the art in therapeutical context will be able to contribute in the process of resignificao of the patient with anxiety upheaval, being reduced the appearance of the symptoms and understanding it as a form of adequacy of individual. Learn more at: Ingrid Ellen. The author tells fragmentos of extracted clinical cases from experiments lived deeply in setting therapeutical. The used metodolgico instrument was to the Gestalt-therapy, therefore the gestltico way to perceive itself exactly and to the others, it is a creative way.

Word-key: Upheaval of Anxiety. Arteterapia. Awareness. Gestalt-therapy Introduction the art becomes a powerful instrument in the psicoteraputico work, therefore it speaks for itself and propitiates ressignificar of the interior world when she brings to the conscience what he was immersed. The use of artistic resources in therapeutical context makes possible to awake the customer for the necessity to search its proper form of being, and in agreement it affirms Zinker, ‘ ‘ the creativity and the psycotherapy if interlace in a basic level of transformation, metamorphosis and mudana’ ‘ (2007, p.