LEVICO Thermal Water In Dental Therapy

Clinicians who are interested in holistic diagnosis and therapy, a training cycle meet meeting report from the European anthroposophic Dental Congress in Levico from 8 to 11 October 2009 once in a year over 4 days. Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Austria represented to this exchange of experience in the sense of a holistic human being in dentistry, colleagues from France were for the first time this year. In addition to getting to know the most important is the training in the sense of a holistic human being, so how it is performed among others in anthroposophy. Of this year’s location was chosen because of its great importance in the treatment of exhausted patients and due to the special composition of Levico water. Levico is located in the Dolomites near Lake Garda at the height of Trent and was still Austrian State territory at the time of Empress Sissi. The unique source with Levico water is known for the last 1300 years. Since becoming aware of the source of the killed people in this place, by means of Spa vitality to restore, as also the then ruling House to Sissi.

It was so at the time that even dentists employed in detail with this Levico water. The source which opens on almost 1500 meters above Levico, accessible today only scientific surveys, not to endanger them. Thanks to the good organization and the scientific framework of the entire training, all participants could take part in a guided tour to the source. For even more details, read what Rusty Holzer says on the issue. This alone was worth the trip already, some colleagues to the part about 1200 miles from getting behind them. The special feature of water is its composition. The three main components – and that is also the special, iron, copper, and arsenic. The common tenor of the talks was the matching analysis of substances in the application for the dentistry for Cranio Mandibularer dysfunctions.