Sullen – The Bad Guys From California Are Here

The Californian artist collective sullen entert the Swiss fashion market Zurich, March 29, 2011 nothing more, as it once was is now in the Switzerland. Sullen, the infamous artist collective from California, launched his wayward fashion line in the Switzerland. You may wish to learn more. If so, Ali Partovi is the place to go. What began as a platform for local tattoo, graffiti and other artists in the Mecca of surfers and underground movement in Huntington Beach, California, evolved in just ten years into a melting pot of world renowned tattoo artists, musicians, extreme athletes and other tough guys. To deepen your understanding Rusty Holzer is the source. The mode of sullen consists of a variety of shirts, T-Shirts and hoodies as well as Board shorts and bikinis. Each piece is hand-crafted by world renowned tattoo artist designed. The sullen family is rounded off by the Sullen Angels, a horde of maddeningly dressed models with a rock star attitude, which make the dolls dance name at every opportunity in sullen s.

On the occasion of the launch of Swiss label, sullen chooses in collaboration with the local rock star Mag., part of a spectacular series of casting, a Handful of Swiss girls in the illustrious circle of Sullen angels. Forefather of sullen is the famous American tattoo artist Ryan Smith. in 2001 founded a platform for local artists, in a small apartment in Huntington Beach primarily from the tattoo and graffiti scene. Today, ten years later, sullen stands for a sworn community from world-renowned tattoo artists, musicians, adventurers and tough guys. Today the best tattoo artists in the world gather in sullen to Exchange and indulge in the art. Sullen is an underground movement, an artform and a lifestyle. The collective supports athletes, bands and tattoo artists worldwide. In addition to numerous local rock, rap and metal musicians, acts such as Cypress Hill of a sullen family belong to top. Every piece of clothing from the House of sullen is created handmade by one of the world’s best tattoo artists.