Mulla Nasrudin Man

In fact, everything is everything else. Here's what happened: at the local dog Mulla Nasrudin won the prize – but he was is concerned because for one thing. He was worried because of human clothing. And he said: "What happens in this world! Look at that sheared man with a cigarette in his mouth, standing there with two puppies. I'm lost and could not now say – man or woman, boy or girl. " Standing beside the witness said these words: "This is a woman – because it's my daughter!" Mulla Nasrudin said: "Excuse me.

If I knew you were her mother, I would not say this. And got the reply: "I'm not a mother – I'm her father " Now the case of meetings of the sexes. The clothes, the lifestyle – meeting takes place. This is a good sign. Style of clothing for men and women is unisex – it is a very good sign! There is no need to make such distinctions, as they were before. No-difference – and there is reality. Distinction was created by the mind, and she has created problems, because you do something, and more. But if you're staying on the fact that you're a man, – what will you do with my woman inside? A woman there.

Sometimes a woman wants to cry, you also can not cry – you're a man, and you should behave like a man. You do not listen to their nature, are you listening to men by the theory of how should be a man. But nature has created in your eyes tear glands – if nature wished that man never cried, she would have created these glands. If nature did not want a man to feel, she would not put it no heart. But the man feels no less than a woman. But he suppresses her femininity, and he continues to suppress it, and this creates internal conflict. Better use of opposites to flow, use the two polarities in order to create tension between them, which makes you more alive, than to crush one of the polarities that umertvlyaet you, make insensitive, because if the man at the same time and not a woman if it is only half circumcised, half of his being, then it is suppressed. And suppression of take revenge. This person will sooner or later come to mind – the suppression of the eventually reset the one that dominated all time. Policy is not only outside, policies that are outside established policy and within you. They have created a schism, they have led to what you're fighting with yourself. And the woman has long suppressed his male part – now it's manifested. She again and again asserting itself, because it's always been there! Instead, to create harmony between these polarities, you make them quarrel, fight. Everything would be so nice if you could create a harmony, while the highest quality of life would arise within you.

The Borders

In this feeling, Gomes standes out: The reason of if including all the family in the treatment of adjustment problems is also based on the fact of that what she occurs in an individual that lives in a family does not elapse only of internal conditions it, but of an intense interchange with the context amplest in which he is inserted. It not only receives the impact from this environment as he acts on it, influencing it. (MINUCHIN apud GOMES, 2003, P.) the borders are the set of rules that determine which will be the participants of each subsystem of the family, are the borders that protect the distinction of the system and guarantee its particularitity, making possible the efficient functioning of the familiar system. ' ' The borders of a subsystem are the rules that define who participate of each subsystem and as it participates. So that the familiar functioning is adjusted, these borders must be ntidas' '. (MINUCHI apud SHEEP, 2005, P.

4). Still according to it the clear borders, they are responsible for the construction of clarified relations, where the people say ' ' sim' ' or ' ' no' ' objective and in accordance with the appeared demands. Already the diffuse borders are constituted by complex relations and confused papers, are not established of clear form the function of each member, also have an excess of concern and communication between them. In what she says respect the rigid borders, them they are composed for distant relations, and the people do not know themselves very well. TECHNIQUES OF SETTING OF BORDERS construto cognitivo is one technique that can be used to inside establish new borders of a system, or a subsystem. In accordance with Minuchin and Frishman (1990), the therapist can use metaphors, or same direct phrases, that point the necessity of if inside delineating a new border of the subsystem, of form, that makes possible its members to decide the conflicts only between itself.

The Test

Through the method of free associations where the patient says everything what she comes to it to the mind in relation to the fact, it is possible to go mounting the break-head of the dream. To analyze the dreams &#039 is necessary; ' decomp it in elements and to apply to each one of them the technique of the association livre' ' (FORRESTER, 2009, p.26), therefore, it is not possible to interpret it in its totality, because it is formed by the unconscious e, therefore, of mere fragmentos of the reality, configuring itself very confused and fantastic. During sleep, we take the onricas images for real images thanks to our mental habit (that it cannot be asleep) to assume the existence in a external way with which we establish a contrast with our ego. The analysis of the dream makes possible to follow the evolution of the case, of the treatment, therefore the dreams are the expression of our internal world what we feel, live or desire, but that they do not find the certain way of if externalizar, being in charge of the dreams this paper. For acting many times based on our ego and superego, in what it is had as certain to the eyes of the society, we neglect the basic paper of ours id, therefore its content can also run away to the control and the molds of the moral laws and from our ideal of I. However, the unconscious psychic conflicts appear thus that torment in them and they distress in them, causing sufferings to the individual, and that they find in the dreams a way of if freeing. individuals acometidos for these psychic sufferings, if do not feel prepared to deal with these changes of thoughts and action, therefore the dreams intervene with its life and in its behaviors in significant way, mainly when badly they are elaborated and placed to the test.