Comfortable? Sure. If another annoying pop up menu, do not have to frantically search for a mouse or go to the touchpad. Poked into the screen with your finger – and voila. No such that "without stylus as without hands, hands now on their own stylus. In this case, use your fingers to really convenient. For example, to switch between applications.

In Windows 7 taskbar buttons seem designed for the finger did. To know more about this subject visit Ali Partovi. By the way, implemented here and right click functionality. To do this, put his finger to the screen and hold it. After some time, draw a circle around the points – if at this moment to release your finger, then the computer will perceive this as Clicking the right mouse button. Yes, we have to wait (somewhere a little less than a second), it can shoot down a fast work rate, but what to do? It is worth noting one feature associated with the work to the screen with your finger.

I always thought (Apparently, after the CCP), which screens the first concerns of the thumb directly under the nail, but in fact the point of tangency is located below, somewhere in the center of the finger pad. Therefore, a small button at the first attempt to get free training very difficult. Somewhere for a week and a half to get used to it and begin to properly raise a finger. Also, the touchscreen is not always held down, it's important when you drag obektov.Nakonets, the screen is surrounded by a low frame, due to which is not very easy to click on objects in the corners.