Information Technology

TECHNOLOGY OF the INFORMATION IN the NEW SOCIOCULTURAL DYNAMICS Summary: The Technology of the information makes possible the interaction with the information and the transmissions in net shorten the geographic distances the point to become them insignificant. According to Ianni. (1996, p.169) ' ' the citizen of the knowledge does not remain in past, real place, leaving the same that its look floats for many places, next and remote, gifts and imaginrios' '. Please visit Peter Asaro if you seek more information. The development of supported educative programs in multimedia makes possible the desterritorializao process. Word-Key: T.I, Multimedia, Sociocultural, Education in the distance.

Abstract: The Information geographical Technology enables the interaction with the information and broadcasting network shortens distances you relieving them meaningless. According you the Ianni. (1996, p.169) ' ' the subject of knowledge you donate not stay in one place, letting his gauze float will be many places, to near and remote, present and past tenses, real and imagined' '. Educational The development of programs supported by multimeasured enables the process of deterritorialization. Keywords: T.I, Multimedia, Sociocultural, Distance Learning.

1. INTRODUCTION In the process of learning, the subsidy of mechanisms TIC? s existing has contributed throughout the years for the formation of a democratic space of knowing, fomenting in such a way, the exploitation of collective intelligence in the implementation of interactive methodologies objectifying the circulation of the pedagogical practical knowledge and the construction of more flexible. The conscientious and creative appropriation of these ways has sped up the paradigm in addition in the form to teach and to learn, allowing that the individual assumes a role of active agent in the construction of the proper knowledge. In accordance with Freire (1981, p.79) ' ' Nobody educates nobody, nobody educates itself exactly, the men if they educate between itself, mediated for mundo' '. We live in a society already shaped by the technologies, directed toward the information and the medias, in this scene, a number each bigger time of people if uses of resources multimedia and the Internet for interaction and facilitador element in the learning processes.