It searchs a form incessantly to improve its profits offering conditions so that the economic and social development if processes. One knows that its environment is permanently dynamic and inside this dynamism it needs to adjust itself in order to survive. The innovation occurs in search of the profit, it is the stimulant. Main insumo scientific for the innovation can be in the structure of education and knowledge inside and outside of the firm. In a word: knowledge. It must have permanent stimulaton to the technological development, where engineering reversa is one of the bases of the innovation, by means of which if it disassembles the product, and, it is retraced with improvements demanded for the consuming market. The activities of Research and Development (P& D) they are basic, where the firm keeps an annual investment of sum in relation to its directed invoicing the P& D. The innovative firms use the P& D as strategy of long stated period stimulating each time more innovative processes.

Strong correlation exists enters innovation and P& D. How much bigger the innovation, I give birth passu, increases the return and the participation in market (NELSON and WINTER 1982; ALBAGLI and BRITTO, 2002). By means of the technological elections, the economic system and the market where the firm acts, make the firms to search the process innovative. The technological innovation is not given, is constructed, the technological innovation starts to have a regularity, a innovative process where the search of other possibilities is constant. To develop new, or the best one, product, or new productive process, it must be had elements accumulated for the search of the reply. The technology is stimulated by the elections of the market and if it develops under? trade offs? economic. The technology exactly has an intrinsic connection with the intra-firmariais routines that in day-by-day innovate, that most of the time is not conscientious.