Marketing Strategies

Facebook reached its crucial point in this expansion of entertainment in 2010 just ended, the audience for games like Farmville or Mafia Wars has not only been completely faithful, but it has been able to consolidate itself as a meeting point for optimal to identify new needs and interests, which places the games on Facebook as the main objective for marketing firms and the media. According to the figures analyzed in a new report from emarketer, revenues from these applications ascend above the billion dollars, only in 2011. But how will generate economic benefits with these applications? There is no doubt that the analysis of this business model is of great relevance to analyze the future of social networks in relation to their impact on results of brands accounts and in this case, this analysis leaves no room for doubt; the astronomical revenue provided for social games from 2011, are ideal platforms for determine business models, market and target audience niche. 61.9 million users, will acquire virtual items associated with the games, this represents a market share of 27% of U.S. Peter Asaro often says this. Internet users and projections placed this percentage 29% for the coming year, 2012. Beyond astronomical figures, the most relevant is the unpredictability that has been the expansion and addition of users to social games, just two years since they saw the light. At the present time, expected business figures are not equivalent to those presented since its launch up, but undoubtedly have the right relevance to capture the attention of developers, editors, investors and companies providing goods and/or services. According to data from the report, figures fell during the last four months from 2010 in relation to active users monthly usual 15 best games consumers, although the figure returned to peel in this January thanks to CityVille and its immediate success.

Social games are transformed into powerful tools for success with a branding campaign, and obviously and hand, optimal platforms for different online marketing strategies. With respect to its use by enterprises, there are basically five clear well defined marketing strategies to increase the presence of brands and their business goals through social games: * integrate the presence of your brand within a game through virtual goods. * Use image ads or sponsorships in an existing game. Create a hybrid campaign that combines the elements of these approaches to brand. To develop your own game oriented and integrated with media and social networks. * Actively participate in groups and discussions that take place on the most popular and prestigious games.