OR NOT Well let’s take 5 minutes of our valuable time and read this text and enteremonos why we are the country with more money and no poor in the world .. what happens is that we complain about everything …. but less popo, and read: URIBE They have us living like rich people. I sent an email with a question to a Colombian friend, who is based in the U.S.Why Colombians are poor Answer my friend who lives in the U.S.: Hey old man, how is that trees do not let you see the forest. How can you call poor, when you are able to pay for a gallon of gasoline more than triple what I pay. When you give yourself the luxury of paying electricity tariffs, mobile phone and 80 more expensive than it cost me to me. Paying fees for banking services and credit cards three times what they cost us here, or when a car that cost me my 2,000 you can pay for it the equivalent of 20,000.Because you can splurge on themselves to give her 18,000 dollars to the government and not us. No shit, I do not understand! We are poor, people in Florida. By that the State Government, given our precarious financial situation, we charge only 2 VAT (there is another 4 Federal, total 6 ) and not 16 like you rich people in COLOMBIA. Furthermore, it is you who have ‘luxury tax’ taxes such as petrol and gas, alcohol, cigars, cigarettes, beer, wine, etc..Reaching up to 320 of original value, and the other as: EARNINGS (income tax and wages), tax on new cars, PERSONAL PROPERTY TAX (tax on business property), tax on car use . And happy that you still give the luxury of paying a 16 VAT for these taxes, plus all the paperwork and national and municipal payments.Because if you were not rich, what sense would have a tax of that caliber Poor , Where A country that is able to collect INCOME TAX AND PERSONAL PROPERTY (through advances) COLOMBIA IN ADVANCE as necessarily have to live in affluence, believing that the affairs of the nation and all its people always make money in spite looting and assaults, bites, earthquakes, drought, winter, corruption, looting and flooding fiscal course of insurance that everyone should win big. The poor we who live in USA that do not pay taxes on Income If we earn less than 3,000 a month per person (about 6,000,000 .- Colombian pesos).