Resurrection ethics

Today we focus on sensible words of Edgar Morin. She said that the concept of sustainable development is an ethical fund. The ethical background comes from a concern not only for other societies and the planet, but also denotes an ethical concern for future generations. It must integrate the best features of the concept of ethical development for a generation, but integrate with a larger, more generous we might call a civilization policy. Solidarity and responsibility are the two prime sources of ethics, the other is understanding towards each other. The resurrection ethics need to remove the idea of development closed. Do not soften it enough to sustainable development. We are facing a complex problem: organizing the convergence of various pathways that lead to the resurrection or the development of ethics.First, we must integrate the best of Western civilization (human rights of men and women, democracy). But against democracy is individual autonomy to eliminate the worst: the hegemony of profit. We must go beyond the egocentric ethic with an ethic for society, which is needed especially in democratic societies with an ethic for humanity, which today is very important because that is at stake the fate of mankind. Everything leads us to speak of the way of necessary educational reform. We must re-educate the educators. Chopped education components of knowledge and must give an overall sense of solidarity. It also requires self-critical rationality. ALFONSO MAYOR