Investor Discipline: Developing the Attitude to Win – Mark Douglas

A comprehensive and logical manner, Mark Douglas shows you how to examine and limit their behavior to negotiate and how to develop the mental discipline possessed by a small minority of winners who make money consistently (weekly, monthly and annual). Some of the skills focused on in the disciplined trader include: learning the positive dynamics of reaching goals and recognition of achievement need, and skills as a trader or investor (and how to stay aware of them instead of just the by-product money-acquired ) .. . Adapted to respond to fundamental market and change … identify your “comfort level of risk” and learn how to enlarge … acting immediately on opportunities in the market game, say when their perspective is well-controlled movement of the market. And much more. Do not forget to get the best content for entrepreneurs directly to your inbox you can subscribe by clicking here (Remember to activate your subscription). Download Link: Click to download Investor Discipline in Spanish Mark Douglas: “Developing Attitude to Win”