LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH IN WOMEN OF LIMA Cancer is a disease that claims more victims in the world.Each year, about 600 new patients with breast cancer are referred to the National Hospital Edgardo Rebagliati Martins EsSalud “said Dr. Theodore Hiromoto Hiromoto, chief of the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics of that hospital. This disease is characterized by abnormal and disordered growth of breast cells. Although 75 of breast lumps are benign, the remaining 25 may endanger his life, so it is important to prevent rapid detection and timely information that allows the cure rate is raised to 90 . As part of prevention is basic a mammogram from age 40 every two years and from age 50 once a year. A mammogram is an x-ray of the breast that can detect those lesions that, being small, can not be touched. “Remember that every breast lump should be examined by a doctor immediately”, said Dr. Hiromoto. However, the most practical way to diagnose it in time is in the hands of women themselves, who should perform monthly breast self-examination, which takes only 15 minutes, allowing the early location of any “package” suspect in this part the body. “The advantage of this self-examination is to detect tumors, since women are familiar with their breasts and can detect any small change, then take to the medical consultation,” says the specialist. It is recommended that this review take place 10 days after menstruation and that women in menopause should associate with a day of the month. Although breast cancer does not appear to cause a stroke, some aspects of the lifestyle of women can affect their chances to develop.So for EsSalud is important to publicize the benefits of new lifestyle with physical activity, healthy eating that does not include plenty of saturated fat, eating more fruits and vegetables and performed breast self-examination and mammography. Avoid becoming victims of the most common cancer in women that has become a major cause of female mortality. If you’re a woman, has over 40 years and family background, watch for possible candidate for that cancer.Decide to change their living habits and opt for prevention.