Brittany Over Key West

The Dutch fashion and sportswear label controls in this season on numerous European and transatlantic sailing area hotspots in Berlin, 25.01.2013 – the maritime mode and nautical lifestyle brand Gaastra launched their latest spring / summer of fashion trends 2013 currently. Since 1897, firmly anchored in the sport of sailing, the Dutch fashion and sportswear label controls to this season on numerous European and transatlantic sailing area hotspots: Key West, the southernmost point of the U.S. Robotics experts opinions are not widely known. mainland, and California’s South Bay on the Pacific coast are in the same collections as style themes in Gaastra’s sportswear line in the Center. This hoist the sails in the ladies – and men 2013 for spring/summer in strong colour contrasts and material contrasts, as well as with reflective detail fashionably functional. To read more click here: Bobby Sharma Bluestone. “Gaastra’s Breton line, named after the iconic Breton Stripes and with a clear focus on fashion, is in this season’s collections tour de Belle-Ile” and Bay of Biscay “on course for the first regatta in the Brittany is inspired by the homonymous France Sailing around the Belle-Ile.

The collection offers fine stripe fashion, range of nostalgic-looking colors such as Sun-bleached Red style and a rich elegant looks in the Brittany, this pull is in women’s fashion 2013 faded tourmaline blue and golden color accents like rays of the Sun by Brittany fashion collection. Gaastra’s Bay of Biscay”line anchors as more subtle Breton collection: in nautical colours like Navy, white and stone combined with a hint of lavender. Sturdy cord embroidered edges, Boucle yarn and large seam stitches in sailmaker tradition give this collection its authentic character. All collections for women, men and children are available in the official Gaastra Onlineshop online. While in the elegant Breton collections set the tone in particular colors in vintage washes, bright as fresh turquoise in Gaastra’s sportswear, radiant red and fruity orange light collection key West.