Principality of New

Principality of New Granada I bring this issue to coffee, the paper deals with a micronation according to the author, is under construction. The theme gives 3 results in google (of which 2 are from here), very few when compared with that micronation aware of existence, my question is really relevant is an article like this In my opinion no, but can not get into a war of issue with the author, I see that the community says about this subject. Florist Mailbox 04:19 6 jul 2008 (UTC) Dear Wikipedians: I think really for assessing the relevance or not cueti n article should be able to have a chance to review it, I honor the comparison with Sealand, the difference is that Sealand is the model of micro-nations, there Micronations that belong exclusively to the realm of fantasy and there.All I can show is virtually related to Ronde Island and the only official link to the website of the Principality of New Granada which is already functioning that is the Constitution, I think the 100 articles of the same show that the project exists . Article osCsid 08b50320d08a7615f9c5941beda956f9 it has been removed can be put back to the community dispocisi n, the amount of Micronations mentioned and their relevance is debatable, the fact is that there are some virtually exclusively, others with a specific project. They can check for example the Principality of Nivent has its Wikipedia article. I welcome your comments. Sincerely. Henry Knight Read: In the section “History”, the Kingdom of Granada and the Viceroyalty of New Granada. (I mention Atlantis, lends prestige). Among the historical leaders, and Enrique Caballero Aburto Boabdil. (Missing Gargoris and Habidis).In “Modern Era” include the request of a territory and a hundred million dollars to implement it. In “Economy” the best: One of the main sources of revenue (…) is the receipt of contributions to realize the purchase of its territory. Own translation: hoax. Mercedes (Gusgus) messages 07:00 6 jul 2008 (UTC) Please, as you say that, Mercedes, just let the kid make spam to see if he pulls out some cash. It would hang for another micronation I have in my home, I put my salary economy and my wife in my grandfather’s historical leaders, and in contemporary times I will ask to send me 1,000 million Euros, in my house there are many expenses. Oh, and my micronation has more points in flora and fauna have to put the dog and the cat and the fleas are both two.Anyway, go way to waste time, at least I laughed a while: D ENSAD! “Digamel n 07:09 6 jul 2008 (UTC) XD 3 3 3 — — 07:11 6 jul 2008 (UTC) hayyyy, who had not seen this: Article 6: The official religion is Unitarian-Universalist, however not be limited or prohibiting the free exercise of any religious denomination. There will be an independence of church and state. The spearhead of the Church, will be the Grand Master of the Knights Templar Church Humanist, this position may or may not be occupied by Princeps Civium simultaneously.I love it, no official religion, but separation of church and state, juaaaaaaas, it always say that breakfast is dangerous jug brandy in ENSAD XDDDDD! “Digamel n 07:15 6 jul 2008 (UTC) Dear Mercedes: Not Gargoris, Habis not appear in the pedigree of our Civium Princeps, Enrique Caballero Aburto other hand is his father and grandfather Boabdil is Miguel Fern ndez Caballero de Granada, Father great grandfather of Don Antonio Caballero y Gongora, grandfather of our Civium Princeps, the proposed purchase of the Isle de Ronde there by a trading company called Principality of New Granada SA de CV, will certainly contribute to realize the purchase of the Dear ENSAD Island: One of the objectives is the preservation of flora and fauna of the island, using a bio-sustainableproject that conserrve the environment. Mercedes Finally there are several countries with freedom of religion, separation of church and state religion, as examples we can cite to England and Spain.I expected serious comments, but these have been droll and funny. Finally there is a point that apparently forgotten. We’re talking about a micronation. As it is not expected to stick to the formal requirements of a country. I invite you to read the page of the Principality of Nivent, which also is a wikipedia article. Greetings and I am pleased to have served at least for a little rest and play. We are in contact. Henry Knight Finally in paragraph 4 of the coffee policy speaks to treat newcomers with “respect,” respect, according to my very particular viewpoint is not in any way the sarcasm, mockery and disqualification direct a priori. 🙂 Un abrazo. Henry Knight. Dear Sir: This is an encyclopedia, not a place to come to market themselves.