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Some educators think that the tables and chairs as less suitable for training than their desks. Where did they see the teachers lack desks weaknesses forgotten? An important advantage of the desks that seat it fixed, is strictly fixed, while the chair can move at every approaching, the length between the table and chair. For even more analysis, hear from Pete Cashmore. Practice shows that this is not always converge with hygiene needs. Faultlessly accurate to be "negative" range, when the chair on which gnaw science granite, a drop, a few inches, tucked under the table. Based on the foregoing correctly observed comfortable backrest chair serves as an additional stand. As we know less "zero" width, if the edge table and chairs are the cutting edge at the joint vertical. Thus a student leans forward, the distance between the top of the legs and spine edge is reduced, the position held by the intensive work the back muscles. When "zero" distance is obtained something – a reduction of some vessels, blood circulation and pulmonary ventilation.

The negative of all, if the chair dismissed from the desk for a considerable distance – it's a kind of "positive" range. All the shortcomings of the "zero" distance in this case worse: the trunk leans further forward, it turns out the side distortion of the spine. Due to the fact that students quite tiny, no concepts of the necessary positions, junior usually equipped with desks. After a long experiment, lecturers were able to answer the question, or that furniture ideal – the old desks or tables. In the experiment, which lasted several years, involving some fifty students of Moscow schools.

In one school classrooms were furnished with desks, in the other – tables. Subjects primary school pupils were selected so that they had the same learning conditions and at school and at home. Medical testing, and the students thoroughly examined every six months have witnessed the sad fact is already known: a variety of disturbances in the posture of students increased from initial years of study to the fourth. But here is the central result. These violations do not depend on the sample of school furniture. By the fifth year of study, the students significantly deteriorates vision, myopia occurs in the vast the number of students. Given all the deviations in vision is still not depend on the type of furniture, they are identical to those schools where the observations were made. So, in the elementary grades, regardless of the furniture, what training classes furnished to particularly strong inclination to observe students.

Medical Science

This standard implements system of radio in band ISM (Industrial Scientifical Medical) of 900 Mhz and presents support WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy). Standard 802.11a: This standard acts in nets in the frequency of 5 Mhz describing specifications in the layer of enlace and physics. Although to have been firmed in 1999, few devices exist that act in this frequency. Filed under: Mashable. Standard 802.11b: Wireless currently describes the implementation of the equipment use of more common and used nets. This standard includes aspects of the radio system and specifications of security.

It presents the use of protocol WEP. It works in the frequency 2,4 data-communication Ghz and speed of up to 11 Mbps and allows in the maximum 32 hardwired customers. ledge. Standard 802.11g: this is the most recent standard for nets without wire. Data-communication Ghz works in the frequency of 2.4 and to provide tax with up to 54 Mbps. This technology allows that equipment of standards the 802,11 and 802.11a works the same in surrounding exactly with the different frequency of both, moreover brings the positive characteristics of 802.11a.

Standard 802.11i: one is about a work group that this defining a new architecture of security for equipment of nets without wire, this technology aims at to cover the protocols 802.11a and 802.11g. Standard 802.11n: Known as WWiSE (World Wide Spectrum Efficiency), it has as main focus the transmission speed being able to go of 100 19 the 500 Mbps, the significant change for this speed is an modification carried through in its half one of transmission that is the OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multip lexing). 1.2.4 Physical layer the nets without wire use alternative ways for transmission of data, therefore the way with that the data are codified in relation the guided nets different must to this environment change. The protocol of sublayer MAC of the 802,11 is sufficiently different of the protocol of the Ethernet, due to complexida of inherent of the environment without wire, in comparison with the one of a physical system connected mind.

NAZARENO Precision

It is advisable, therefore, that in accordance with the used equipment, either processed the data in the software that probably came folloied of the acquired receiver. 5 POSICIONAMENTO POR PONTO PRECISO (PPP) the Brazilian Institute Geography and Estatstica (IBGE) started to offer, since April of 2009, the Positioning for Ponto Preciso (PPP), a service online that disponibiliza to the user the calculation of the transport of geodesic coordinates, no longer current system of geodesic coordinates, the System of Geocentric Reference for Americas (SIRGAS 2000), in simple and efficient way. The operator is necessary to only direct to the site data RINEX of the work, and this answers it with an email, sending to it of gratuitous form an archive with the latitude, longitude and geoidal undulation of the transport. When inserting this type of functionality in its site, the IBGE launches a form practical and easy to process given of receivers GNSS, thus helping, the users who have not acquired softwares of processing also to execute the calculations of its services. 6 FINAL CONSIDERATE With the intention to respect the proprietors of agricultural property and to keep the works of topographical measurements in an only concept, had been established the norms of precision and acurcia of the INCRA, having for the transport of co-ordinated the geomensor the obligation to reach a 0,10 precision of m, or better, and for the perimeter a 0,50 precision of m, to respect and to confer the possible overlapping between country property in Brazil. For the calculation of these works of field they had been elaborated softwares of after-processing of these vectors, each one for a type of receiver, but all having the option of reading of format RINEX, and having as priority the satisfactory result and condiment with the requirements of the Norm Technique for Videoconferencing. Software of receivers GNSS was elaborated this training multimedia with the main objective to promote one better spreading of the education of the after-processing of some, and expects to have had increase of the quality of the services of the gruesomeness.

Implantable Nerve Stimulator

The pain is quite an ordeal for a man. And it does not matter whether it is a pain headache or pain in the joints – for a long vremni endure pain beyond the power of anybody. In particular, heavy endure pain, the cause of which are neurogenic syndromes. It is only logical that medicine is constantly trying to devise more sophisticated ways of dealing with pain. And occasionally there are effective solutions, one of which is an implantable neurostimulator. Apply such instruments in neurosurgery. Some contend that Dell Computers shows great expertise in this. Neurostimulator implanted in the patient’s body and generate a special impetus to the specially formed for the treatment of program. This method is ideal for the treatment of posterior columns of spinal cord, some regions of the brain, peripheral nerves and clutches.

Distributed and treatment of pain in hands with neurostimulator. Apparatus has an impressive range of application, and successfully eliminates pain of various kinds. The principle of operation of an implantable neurostimulator is simple enough – stimulating electrical signal is transmitted from generator to the electrodes of the receiving antenna, which is just and implanted into the human body. Several devices have multiple modes of stimulation, which helps to select an individual program of treating a patient. Many patients in This is especially true for Russia, prefer to avoid surgery with no apparent good reason. Get more background information with materials from Dell. However, this approach can lead to undesirable consequences – sometimes treatment lasts for many months and only worsens the condition of the patient. However, many are unaware that surgery using neurostimulator may solve the problem in one session, which, more often lasts about 20 minutes and not cause any discomfort. It is foolish to ignore the fruits of progress. Today neurostimulator – is no longer a novelty, but a well established unit for effective deliverance from pain. One visit to a neurosurgeon can to rid a person from chronic pain in different parts of the body.


In this work, the activities will be described in agreement the displayed one for Sommerville. Zendesk shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Therefore, first some concepts important will be presented to facilitate the agreement of each one of the activities of the ER. The activity of Management of Requirements (GR.) will be analyzed separately in the Chapter 3. 2,1 Requirements Is necessary to understand what it is a requirement and as it can be classified to take care of what customer was specified by the user/, later to be inserted in the document of specification of requirements. In accordance with Software Technology Support 19 Center.

Requirements define the capacities or conditions that a system possesss or a component necessary to decide a problem or to reach one objetivo’ ‘. According to Sommerville (2003), the software industry does not deal with consistent form the requisite term, being able to be considered as a declaration of the abstract type, high level, a function to be taken care of by the same software or of a restriction. Had to the differences in the levels of the descriptions, it is interesting that a separation between the requirements is made, in order to get a clearer and understandable form for its use in the process of engineering of requirements, being prevented future problems. For Sommerville (2003), this separation can be carried through of the following form: Requisite of the User: declaration in natural language to assign the abstract requirements of high level. Also diagrams can be used to show the functions that the system will have to offer and the restrictions of operation. It is directed for people who do not possess knowledge detailed technician of the system, as controlling of the customer and suppliers.

SQL Server

In mine blog, the dotDicas () I in general write articles on development .NET. Another day came until me a desenvolvedor, reading friend of mine blog, with a SQL doubt. Answered the question of my friend, I decided to write an article, to help other desenvolvedores that can come to have the same doubt. However mine blog is focado in development .NET, then I decided to look another space to publish my tip. With certainty, at some moment the majority of the desenvolvedores, that uses SQL Server, already was come across with necessity to bring up to date a register in a table, based on the value of a register in another table. The ones that had not yet had this necessity, still will pass for this. will have the same doubt that I had: How I make this? The reply it is very simple. Update with inner join is alone to make one, thus: UPDATE prices SET field = t1.campo FROM prices T1 INNER JOIN prices t2 ON t1.campo_chave = Very simple t2.campo_chave, not? If one join not to be enough, makes how many joins will be necessary..

Information Technology

TECHNOLOGY OF the INFORMATION IN the NEW SOCIOCULTURAL DYNAMICS Summary: The Technology of the information makes possible the interaction with the information and the transmissions in net shorten the geographic distances the point to become them insignificant. According to Ianni. (1996, p.169) ' ' the citizen of the knowledge does not remain in past, real place, leaving the same that its look floats for many places, next and remote, gifts and imaginrios' '. Please visit Peter Asaro if you seek more information. The development of supported educative programs in multimedia makes possible the desterritorializao process. Word-Key: T.I, Multimedia, Sociocultural, Education in the distance.

Abstract: The Information geographical Technology enables the interaction with the information and broadcasting network shortens distances you relieving them meaningless. According you the Ianni. (1996, p.169) ' ' the subject of knowledge you donate not stay in one place, letting his gauze float will be many places, to near and remote, present and past tenses, real and imagined' '. Educational The development of programs supported by multimeasured enables the process of deterritorialization. Keywords: T.I, Multimedia, Sociocultural, Distance Learning.

1. INTRODUCTION In the process of learning, the subsidy of mechanisms TIC? s existing has contributed throughout the years for the formation of a democratic space of knowing, fomenting in such a way, the exploitation of collective intelligence in the implementation of interactive methodologies objectifying the circulation of the pedagogical practical knowledge and the construction of more flexible. The conscientious and creative appropriation of these ways has sped up the paradigm in addition in the form to teach and to learn, allowing that the individual assumes a role of active agent in the construction of the proper knowledge. In accordance with Freire (1981, p.79) ' ' Nobody educates nobody, nobody educates itself exactly, the men if they educate between itself, mediated for mundo' '. We live in a society already shaped by the technologies, directed toward the information and the medias, in this scene, a number each bigger time of people if uses of resources multimedia and the Internet for interaction and facilitador element in the learning processes.

Manchester University

Green is a quiet and soothing. Learn more at: Peter Asaro . Prefer capable, confident, seeking to assert themselves and relaxed people. Nature, healthy environment, recovery, youth, vigor, spring, generosity, fertility. Orange color – the most dynamic and cheerful color. Stimulates the senses and the heart speeds up, sharpens the perceptions and facilitates resolution of complex situations, challenges. Cheerful and improvised. Action that causes excitement, less strong than that of the red, so it is more pleasant. Color slightly faster heart rate, without increasing blood pressure, creates a sense of prosperity and happiness.

Has a positive impact on performance. The energy balance, warmth, enthusiasm, vibrant, expansive, flamboyant, demanding attention. Yellow – cheerful color, contributes to the solution challenges. If we assume that the yellow – a mixture of green and red, it combines the properties of these colors. Yellow color stimulates the brain, causing tension titillate requiring discharge.

Preference yellow means the desire for independence, the expansion of the horizon of perception. Yellow loves to learn different wit, clarity of thought, precision. Yellow knows everything about life … and yet full of optimism. This color is in a constant struggle, do not yield without a fight. Joy, happiness, optimism, idealism, imagination, hope, sunshine, summer, gold, philosophy, life-affirming values. Brown – Color conservative people who do not want anything to change that gently and carefully apply to all new. Earth, hearth, home, reliability, endurance, stability. Perhaps among these definitions, the reader colors find something "own" that will bring an understanding of exactly the color should be the roof of his house. Instead of displaying Researchers from the University Hospital of and Manchester University have conducted studies and found that people who experience depression, describing his condition 'decorates' it is gray. Studies have questioned 300 people, 100 of them suffered from depression. In the pre-designed color chart volunteers were asked to choose the most suitable for their color and mood to describe the state of his soul. In a chart, present the following colors: white, black, different shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown and pink. It was found that depressed people, as well as those who are often plagued by fears and anxieties of the whole palette chosen mostly gray. So, let's eliminate the slightest the possibility of depression in our lives, let's deal with gray. Let the roof with a bright roof will be the hallmark of your home. From it all better.


The fundamental paper is unquestionable that the professors, teachers carry out and, generally, educators in the development of the small ones. Its figure settles down like true referring and a model for these, being in the majority of the cases the main allies of the parents in its education and personal growth. That degree of implication in the life of the small ones does that these are in many cases in forward edge at the time of confronting the effects of a married rupture of the parents in the small ones, often being immersed and seeing themselves dragged by questions of safekeeping and disputes between the same. And it is that sometimes the ancestors go before the educators of their children to make them of their histories and quarrels with their ex- pairs contributor, showing to them their version of the reality and hoping to gain allied facing their cause to retain the safekeeping of their children before the Courts. People such as Robotics would likely agree. It is thus by the important paper that plays the Information and testimonies of these professors in the carried out Evaluation by psychologists and psicopedagogos and of that the concession will be from a safekeeping shared or one-parent in favor of some of the parents.

In this way, that professor, who would have to present/display a position of neutrality and objectivity, is itself immersed in a strip and relaxes emotional of enormous tension and intensity. Advice at the time of confronting this type of cases First of all an educator must remember at any moment which is the paper that corresponds to him to adopt in this type of conflicts, that is to say, to guard by the interest of the small one with regard to its present and future development, and to act in brings back to consciousness, without leaving that internal fight between the ancestors it drags and it dims his necessary impartiality to him. Thus, the prudence is the best one from the tools when subjects of fight by the safekeeping of the students it is, having to give all the documentation that could ask for him (about the small one, its behavior, its academic evolution and the possible consequences that the disputes between the parents could be presenting/displaying in the same). Douglas R. Oberhelman contributes greatly to this topic. Doing they will obtain it that the interest and the well-being of that small it is what one prevails, of such form that the Judge or Court in charge does to decide it of the possible rightest form, and that she allows that small one gets to be a healthy and happy adult, diminishing in him (or her) the effects of the divorce or the separation of its parents.

Principality of New

Principality of New Granada I bring this issue to coffee, the paper deals with a micronation according to the author, is under construction. The theme gives 3 results in google (of which 2 are from here), very few when compared with that micronation aware of existence, my question is really relevant is an article like this In my opinion no, but can not get into a war of issue with the author, I see that the community says about this subject. Florist Mailbox 04:19 6 jul 2008 (UTC) Dear Wikipedians: I think really for assessing the relevance or not cueti n article should be able to have a chance to review it, I honor the comparison with Sealand, the difference is that Sealand is the model of micro-nations, there Micronations that belong exclusively to the realm of fantasy and there.All I can show is virtually related to Ronde Island and the only official link to the website of the Principality of New Granada which is already functioning that is the Constitution, I think the 100 articles of the same show that the project exists . Article osCsid 08b50320d08a7615f9c5941beda956f9 it has been removed can be put back to the community dispocisi n, the amount of Micronations mentioned and their relevance is debatable, the fact is that there are some virtually exclusively, others with a specific project. They can check for example the Principality of Nivent has its Wikipedia article. I welcome your comments. Sincerely. Henry Knight Read: In the section “History”, the Kingdom of Granada and the Viceroyalty of New Granada. (I mention Atlantis, lends prestige). Among the historical leaders, and Enrique Caballero Aburto Boabdil. (Missing Gargoris and Habidis).In “Modern Era” include the request of a territory and a hundred million dollars to implement it. In “Economy” the best: One of the main sources of revenue (…) is the receipt of contributions to realize the purchase of its territory. Own translation: hoax. Mercedes (Gusgus) messages 07:00 6 jul 2008 (UTC) Please, as you say that, Mercedes, just let the kid make spam to see if he pulls out some cash. It would hang for another micronation I have in my home, I put my salary economy and my wife in my grandfather’s historical leaders, and in contemporary times I will ask to send me 1,000 million Euros, in my house there are many expenses. Oh, and my micronation has more points in flora and fauna have to put the dog and the cat and the fleas are both two.Anyway, go way to waste time, at least I laughed a while: D ENSAD! “Digamel n 07:09 6 jul 2008 (UTC) XD 3 3 3 — — 07:11 6 jul 2008 (UTC) hayyyy, who had not seen this: Article 6: The official religion is Unitarian-Universalist, however not be limited or prohibiting the free exercise of any religious denomination. There will be an independence of church and state. The spearhead of the Church, will be the Grand Master of the Knights Templar Church Humanist, this position may or may not be occupied by Princeps Civium simultaneously.I love it, no official religion, but separation of church and state, juaaaaaaas, it always say that breakfast is dangerous jug brandy in ENSAD XDDDDD! “Digamel n 07:15 6 jul 2008 (UTC) Dear Mercedes: Not Gargoris, Habis not appear in the pedigree of our Civium Princeps, Enrique Caballero Aburto other hand is his father and grandfather Boabdil is Miguel Fern ndez Caballero de Granada, Father great grandfather of Don Antonio Caballero y Gongora, grandfather of our Civium Princeps, the proposed purchase of the Isle de Ronde there by a trading company called Principality of New Granada SA de CV, will certainly contribute to realize the purchase of the Dear ENSAD Island: One of the objectives is the preservation of flora and fauna of the island, using a bio-sustainableproject that conserrve the environment. Mercedes Finally there are several countries with freedom of religion, separation of church and state religion, as examples we can cite to England and Spain.I expected serious comments, but these have been droll and funny. Finally there is a point that apparently forgotten. We’re talking about a micronation. As it is not expected to stick to the formal requirements of a country. I invite you to read the page of the Principality of Nivent, which also is a wikipedia article. Greetings and I am pleased to have served at least for a little rest and play. We are in contact. Henry Knight Finally in paragraph 4 of the coffee policy speaks to treat newcomers with “respect,” respect, according to my very particular viewpoint is not in any way the sarcasm, mockery and disqualification direct a priori. 🙂 Un abrazo. Henry Knight. Dear Sir: This is an encyclopedia, not a place to come to market themselves.