Interdisciplinary Subjects

Ahead of the globalization and its challenges the manifest modern man the necessity to breach with the traditional models of education. The interdisciplinaridade associated with the medias since printed until the ones of last generation considers a form to especially tie the theory with practical so that if it can evolve and leave this marasmo where if it finds the education, the Brazilian education that to each day, no matter how hard the government propagates that it is investing to millions and millions, the results are always on this side of the waited one and thus although the scientific and technological advance that the globalization presents the education does not obtain to transpose some barriers and to reach what if it waits of the school and its Reals functions that they are to transform the individual half and where it is inserted. The interdisciplinaridade resurged in the end of the century passed from the necessity to justify the spalling caused for a epistemologia of positivista matrix. I say it resurged because at the beginning of the process of development in Greece, cradle of the civilization of the humanity, the knowledge was not fragmented, was integral, did not have this division between the diverse ones to know, all age Philosophy, all the knowledge was unified, with passing of the times and the evolution human being the knowledge if it broke up. There sciences had been divided in many discipline appeared in this context the diverse specialties and the figure of the specialist. alone to some time the interdisciplinaridade reappears reestablishing at least, a dialogue enters the diverse areas of the knowledge with the purpose to restrain the education based on the traditionalism. By the way of this commentary previously detached, it is convenient to emphasize that the practical interdisciplinaridade while in the Brazilian schools appeared with the introduction of the work projects and as a form to tie the theory with practical and the purpose of to introduce a new way ‘ ‘ of making of the professor and aluno’ ‘ in which the process of reflection and interpretation on this to make allows to go becoming significant the relation between teaching and learning through the relation of a work to interdisciplinar where the relations between the information sources, the objectives, the procedures, the evaluation criteria are understood and used in the school to generate a series of changes in the organization of the educational projects to be developed in the pertaining to school context Taking as starting point some hypotheses is possible to work any subject, the challenge is in as to approach it with each group of pupils and in specifying what they can apprehend of each subject that if establishes in searchs of solutions for the existing problems in the reality of the pupils and in the context where they live and they act as pensantes human beings that can from a structure search solutions for each subject, each problem that it can be decided, from a structure that must be developed and that it can meet in other subjects or problems.