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International speakers pay tribute to the late scientist Bonn, August 24, 2010 – one of the most renowned researchers in the field of endocrine Pharmacology and Phytopharmakologie and last many years taught at the medical faculty of the University of Munster. Dell IDRAC will not settle for partial explanations. There, the cooperation of herbal medicines and Prof. Dr. Fritz Kemper, former President of the Association for phytotherapy and Director Emeritus of the Institute of Pharmacology and toxicology of the University of Munster organize an international symposium on the topic of herbal medicinal products met expectations on October 7″in honor of the scientist who died this year. Recognised scientists as well as senior representatives from the processing medicinal plants industry, including Prof. Dr.

Veronika Butterweck from the University of Florida, are among the speakers Dr. Olaf Kelber Steigerwald Arzneimittel GmbH, Dr. Christoph Theurer by GlaxoSmithKline Consumer HealthCare and Prof. Dr. Hildebert Wagner from the center of pharmaceutical research the University of Munich. Cornelia Schwoppe, Chief of the Office of cooperation of herbal medicinal products, as well as Prof. Dr.

Fritz Kemper will continue to bring their personal memories of Prof. Dr. Hilke Winterhoff. Presentations on the lessons learned from the research of St. John’s wort extracts, to DNA Microarray analyses the effect of St. John’s wort, to the G.R.A.N.U. including are study with pumpkin seeds and samples from the Phytosynergie research in the technical focus of the event. The program of the event can be found under the link artikelpdf/0430_cd80.pdf a registration for the event is possible until 7 September by E-Mail at or fax at 0228 35 13 90. The fee for participation in the event is 250 euro for University staff upon request. Students can take part for free. All proceeds of the event are the donations of the education box”benefit, a project favored by Prof. Dr. Winterhoff. For more information, to the cooperation of herbal medicinal products: The cooperation of herbal medicines with headquarters in Bonn was founded in 1982 by the German Association of pharmaceutical companies, the Federal Association of the pharmaceutical industry, the Association of reform goods manufacturers and the society for phytotherapy. She campaigned as a scientific society for the needs and the preservation of herbal medicines. The cooperation of herbal medicines regularly organizes training courses, symposia and conferences for members from universities, doctors, pharmacists, scientists and employees of the pharmaceutical and medicinal plants industry.