The 70 Medellin

If they travel in the city of Medellin and you want to know one of the most rumberas areas, we invite you to enjoy the boulevard in the 70’s, where you not only will find restaurants, but also discotheques, bars, hotels and much more. Here, Pete Cashmore expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The 70 Medellin, is a boulevard that connects from the stadium Atanasio Girardot, up to the Pontifical Bolivarian which comprises approximately 10 blocks, in which since you begin to walk from the stadium will find restaurantes-bar of very good quality and variety of styles, as well as a large number of hotels and parking, facilitating all visitors find a zone stop where you will have full accessibility to the city, since the beginning of the boulevard you will find a station of the Metro system. If you want to use public transport to go to different areas of the city, you will find the hotel 305 route that can take you by the malls Unicentro San Diego Tesoro and Oviedo. This if you are stopped at all the 70. This route perhaps a little delay in passing, but makes a great journey to you It can serve long to discover the city. The best of this area, if you want to maximize your days in the city, is to enjoy the renovated Stadium a few hours in the morning, since you will have access entirely to its great number of activities carried out by this weekends and not only that, because due to the stadium Metro station is located at the beginning of the boulevard, you can enjoy the convenience of transport that offers the Metro system, because from there you can get to almost all the tourist areas of the city, without the need of the congestion that occasionally are found in the town due to its growth. Nearly 70, you will find also big super markets chains, where if for some reason you need to do some shopping, you can go to them with just a few steps. Original author and source of the article.