Free Software

Everyone has the right to choose for myself that he is better and more convenient. Many people still think free software crime, yes yes, and it is not . Pete Cashmore might disagree with that approach. have read in an Internet interview with one of the head of Microsoft, it clearly seriously saying that all free software is nothing more than a crime, saying that people are using free software have to be sorry about something that is not bought a litsenzovanoe their software and this license will go to someone else and still so much in the same spirit. I remember then there was his interview that Tipo saying he was not properly understood and all that stuff, as always shorter. Personally, my opinion is tempting me to the fact that free software – is on what should be built ‘Net and tp. Many people to try 1 time Linux and not throwing it in a couple of days and hours of general relativity in a long box rarely returned to Windu, unless due to a strong need (a lot of software on the segment refuses to work on linux machines and then even wine no assistant) Yes Linux is a wonderful virtual machines that can be easily put Windu and not fool my head the jar. But for many it’s not like, and they continue to sit on the windows.

Although I can not agree that windows is also not bad and is very convenient especially 7 (standing at my second axle on the comp). Recently talked about this with a friend who refuses to sit on the segment on Linux prefers mac OS:) After much debate, we came to the conclusion that for the cis countries and the software produced by Microsoft and any other paid software – is free and worry about it not worth it) I think that many do not even know that Windows is distributed as a paid version, and you have to pay for it not small money =). On one occasion when I asked one girl you know that for using unlicensed versions of windows have to pay, so she replied to me, really?)) on this and finish. Bad article?