NAZARENO Precision

It is advisable, therefore, that in accordance with the used equipment, either processed the data in the software that probably came folloied of the acquired receiver. 5 POSICIONAMENTO POR PONTO PRECISO (PPP) the Brazilian Institute Geography and Estatstica (IBGE) started to offer, since April of 2009, the Positioning for Ponto Preciso (PPP), a service online that disponibiliza to the user the calculation of the transport of geodesic coordinates, no longer current system of geodesic coordinates, the System of Geocentric Reference for Americas (SIRGAS 2000), in simple and efficient way. The operator is necessary to only direct to the site data RINEX of the work, and this answers it with an email, sending to it of gratuitous form an archive with the latitude, longitude and geoidal undulation of the transport. When inserting this type of functionality in its site, the IBGE launches a form practical and easy to process given of receivers GNSS, thus helping, the users who have not acquired softwares of processing also to execute the calculations of its services. 6 FINAL CONSIDERATE With the intention to respect the proprietors of agricultural property and to keep the works of topographical measurements in an only concept, had been established the norms of precision and acurcia of the INCRA, having for the transport of co-ordinated the geomensor the obligation to reach a 0,10 precision of m, or better, and for the perimeter a 0,50 precision of m, to respect and to confer the possible overlapping between country property in Brazil. For the calculation of these works of field they had been elaborated softwares of after-processing of these vectors, each one for a type of receiver, but all having the option of reading of format RINEX, and having as priority the satisfactory result and condiment with the requirements of the Norm Technique for Videoconferencing. Software of receivers GNSS was elaborated this training multimedia with the main objective to promote one better spreading of the education of the after-processing of some, and expects to have had increase of the quality of the services of the gruesomeness.