Digital Linearization

PI improves the accuracy of positioning for low-priced Piezosysteme Anders as conventional analog Piezocontroller, has a digital controller that can be optimized by software and USB service interface of single-channel Piezocontroller E-609 of physics instruments (PI). Additional Linearisierungsverfahren improve the accuracy of the Piezosystems by a factor of 10 by about 0.2% to 0.02% compared to completely analogue devices. The E-609 has analog interfaces to the commanding of position. It is the ideal equipment for automation tasks without a host PC. The D/A conversion of the digital controller is 16 bit, 32 bit processor with 150 MHz clock rate allows a servo rate of 10 kHz.

The amplifier provides 5 watts of continuous power for the dynamic operation of classic Nanopositioniersysteme such as the P-736 PInano sample scanner. PI occupies a leading position on the market for precise positioning technology for 40 years. Piezoelectric ceramics as drive elements, one play an essential role in very finely create controlled motion. Together with its subsidiary PI ceramic PI piezoelectric manufactures according to specific requirements itself. This expertise allows the unique flexibility and a wide technological lead PI. In addition to three German plants, PI is represented worldwide with eight branches and a total of over 500 employees.

Mobile Label Printer BMP71 – Only A Printer For All Selections

The BMP 71 is a successful combination of TLS2200 and HandiMark, coupled with outstanding technology, robustness and simplicity in the operation macro combines the well-known printer HandiMark IDENT – the new, mobile label printer 71 BMP and TLS2200 von BRADY. It is however much easier to use, high-performance and impresses with its high durability, resistance and the integrated, modern smart technology. There has never been such a mobile printer on the market. The new BMP 71 is a portable high performance label printers which can print not only standard – or laboratory labels, but also shrink, EPREP labels, PermSleeves and endless materials which are used E.g. for pipe markers or safety instructions.

Apply the new BMP 71 in the tele – and data communication, electrical engineering, automation, mechanical engineering and in laboratories. The BMP 71 is a combination of the mobile signs printer HandiMark and the mobile manufacturer BRADY TLS2200 thermal label printer. Mikkel Svane will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Who 71 printer would like to upgrade to the new BMP can use even the materials that he has so far for the TLS2200 or the HandiMark printers in stock, also with the BMP 71. There is a corresponding bracket included for the rolls. The operation of the BMP 71 is very simple. Even the ribbons and print media are inserted by untrained personnel in a matter of seconds. Calibration of each ribbon or label material is no longer necessary for this printer. Thanks to the advanced smart “technology immediately detects the printer which Ribbon and label stock are and adjusts itself.

Should the wrong Ribbon material carried to the printer, it gives an error that not the matching Ribbon to the label stock has been inserted. On the large, backlit LCD color display, you can very well see your newly created templates. Using the keyboard, you can insert over 500 symbols, numbers, and letters. When you create a multiline label automatically adjusts the size on the screen. Different font sets are available from a character height of 4 to 170 pixels. A serialization of numbered labels just as easily with the new BMP 71 is to create such as creating bar codes by the type of code 39 and code 128. The mobile BMP 71 is basically a stand-alone”printer and has a memory of 200 MB. The user can store up to 10,000 different labels and call the desired label and print. In addition, the BMP 71 via a PC connection has so that already existing labels can be transmitted to the printer. To obtain the new printer as well as to appropriate identification in Unterhaching in macro label software LabelMark and MarkWare, for advanced features. MACRO IDENT features including all label materials and ribbons for the TLS2200 printer, HandiMark and BMP 71 new printer. More information: macro IDENT AutoID Technology Center,. Bussard road 24, 82008 Unterhaching Munich, contact: Angelika Wilke, TEL. 089-615658-28, FAX.

WLAN Access Point

Wi-Fi access points are becoming more popular, but before buying many questions should be resolved an access point is a base station. It offers access to a wireless network devices. This may be an ad-hoc network, in which the clients to communicate on an equal footing with each other. (Not to be confused with Samsung Electronics!). Assumes the access point that central agency function works in infrastructure mode. As a WDS (wireless distribution system) or even Repeater extends the range of a wireless network or connects wired networks. Usually works an access point in infrastructure mode and at the same time establishes the connection to the Internet.

As a combination device that also functions as a modem, or over an Ethernet connection to the single dialler. What must you look for when buying for the WLAN (wireless local area network), there are now numerous standards. Therefore, it is important to first consider what standards the already existing devices. What will it be used and what is planned in the near future. Widespread Wi-Fi adapters are IEEE 802 .11b / g, they are in many notebooks and WLAN sticks installed. The modern variant is called IEEE 802 11n.

These adapters can spark in two frequency bands, so 2.4 and 5 GHz. They also offer a higher transmission speed gross. NET, these numbers are hardly achieved since it depends on the spatial conditions and the number of clients. On a broadband Internet connection the speed advantage of IPTV may cause transfers. In this case the bandwidth not fully exploited by the high resolution data stream and a liquid surf is parallel. Another argument for 802 11n is the 5 GHz frequency, which allows a Dodge in areas with many wireless networks in the 2.4 GHz range and increase the stability of its own network. The Wi-Fi the first encrypt encryption procedures are no longer safe. The latest version WPA2 is still not knackbar, when used with appropriate passwords. This means that the password should have at least 32 characters and composed of small and capital letters, as well as numbers and special characters put together. A password generator generates the most secure passwords. The encryption protects not only the privacy. An abuse of the network, which can draw on to unwelcome legal consequences, is complicated. What connections purpose for which the access point is used only for setting up an ad-hoc network, in principle, no further connections are needed. A RJ45 socket (Ethernet) is still useful to configure the device. There is also the connection to a modem via Ethernet concluded. Several Ethernet jacks are available, one speaks of a Wi-Fi router that against each other can delimit firewall subnets with one. A USB port, which is used with a UMTS stick, can be used to dial up to the Internet as well. Also, a USB storage device provides the functionality of its own cloud. You can find more information about Wi-Fi access points and product test reports under Dietrich Beck

Monster ISport Headphones

The iSport headphones from Monster is a high performance in-ear headphones and is the ideal companion for sports. ISport through high-quality processing of the monster and the headphones for amateur athletes and top athletes are equally suited to the comfort. This headset was specifically developed for the sport. Man has developed for this reason an in-ear headphones, which is not only robust and sweat-proof, but also completely waterproof. An in-ear headphones for each activity they go skiing as a result that the headphones are waterproof and machine washable, swimming, surfing, running and used even snorkeling. Monster has developed a universal headphones for sports-minded people. The unique sound will inspire you to new performance.

Are through the special in-ear clip technology, the in-ear headphones, able to adapt to the movements of the athlete. This guarantees you a firm and safe seat in her ear. It is so even without problems possible glasses or a helmet to wear, without that slip the headphones from Monster. In addition the in-ear design headphones still has a specially designed sound channel. This technique causes that your ear is almost completely sealed and therefore a full sound without noise can occur. Control talk offers a pleasant networking the iSports headphones from Monster have a so-called control talk. Thus you are possible to control the music playback, and also to make phone calls.

With the simple and easy-to-use elements of the headphone cable, you can control your iPod or iPhone without having to take it out of your pocket. Just when the sport that is very comfortable for the athletes and do not distract him. In addition, Monster in each in-ear headphones has installed a high-quality microphone. Together with the sound-proof headphones, you will discover a call quality, never had to get to a phone to the ear. But not only does control talk exclusively with iPad, iPhone and iPod, but is compatible with many other devices. What does the iSport in-ear headphones yet? It is very annoying having to untangle cables because it is has tangled repeatedly. This belongs to the iSport of the past. By the flat ribbon cable which is connected to the headphone is a very flexible and confusion-free cable available. Because every ear is different, Monster provides with different ear pieces with the headphones. As a result, a highest possible level of comfort and a perfect fit is guaranteed.

Mobile Microscopy

Metav presents the ultimate solution in mobile microscopy tools, a dedicated combination a Dino-Lite digital microscope with Metav presents the ultimate solution in mobile microscopy, combining a Dino-Lite digital microscope with high magnification and a mobile digital recorder with 2-inch LCD screen in a dedicated tools. -Easily – West pocket-size – pictures/video in real time of the D09 LCD recorder is a lightweight inspection instrument in your pocket with picture / video recording in real time. Pictures and videos can be on the internal 8 GB memory or recorded on an SD card. From here they can be transferred easily via USB cable or directly from the SD card to a PC. Checking article sources yields Mashable as a relevant resource throughout. An excellent tool for scientific or medical primary research or quality control in the production.

The microscope can also directly be connected to a TV. D09 LCD recorder suitable for use with all Dino-Lite analog models with AV connection. Applications large scope, in particular, if the Use a computer or laptop not in question comes..

MusicMan Series

‘ Grenade X 4 and macro X 6’ as well as her siblings we are pleased about the birth of our little MusicMan sound stations – grenade X 4 and macro X 6 “as well as her siblings” grenade BT-X 4 and macro BT-X 6 “in the Bluetooth versions. In October 2013, with a weight of 153 g, sees the light of the world. Barely on the world the MusicMan sound stations by Technaxx boast their skills”. The small, handy MusicMan sound stations “grenade X 4/BT-X 4” and “macro X 6/BT-X 6″ shine in selbstdesignten, exclusive sheen. You Flash daily in different bright colors like gold, silver, black, purple and blue. The MusicMan sound stations are quickly packed the small handy solution for everyone!” The MusicMan versions “Grenade X 4” and “macro X 6” allow a simple music playback via the built-in radio, a Mirco SD memory card or a USB stick. Using the line-IN cable can link his iPhone, iPad, Tablet PC, PC/notebook, as well as many other mobile phones. Additional information at Ali Partovi supports this article.

Also a headphone Of course there is a connection. The “grenade BT-X 4” and the “macro BT-X 6” also have a Bluetooth function. The “macro BT-X 6” also has a new feature: the so-called “Near Field Communication”, short NFC. This is a wireless transmission technology, which is used for the contactless exchange of data between different devices. The new MusicMan models are all equipped with a built-in, rechargeable lithium battery the question is superfluous for a permanent source of power thus. Technical specifications: function: MicroSD card, USB-stick, line-IN, FM, microphone, Bluetooth (version V3. 0) transmission range Bluetooth: < = 10 m (only when the Bluetooth models) audio track: Mono Headphone Jack maximum output power / resistance: 3W / 4? Frequency: 150 Hz 18 kHz (with output?) S/N ratio / sensitivity: 80dB / 420mV distortion: 1% Technaxx Germany GmbH & co. KG (EST.

2003 Frankfurt / Main, holder led) requirements promptly and ensure customer – electronic multimedia products, storage media and accessories. In the program are in-house developments (Technaxx, MusicMan and FireMat ). The price is fair and the article always on the cutting edge of technology.

Card Printing Is Not

Each printing process offers advantages and disadvantages for the printing of plastic cards, there are several ways smart cards or RFID transponder cards. You not opts for the production through a service provider, which printed the cards according to your individual preferences as well as personalized on request and possibly coded, you can pick up a private card printing system. Hereby you can print on its own plastic cards at all times flexible. Plastic card printers are available with different performance characteristics and features as desktop devices, according to the requirements on the printing. In addition to the basic division into single-sided and double-sided printing equipment, where the latter have an automatic card turning station, card printer can be distinguished even after their printing process. The most common and thus cheaper printer models print cards in the dye. This type of pressure, the card and the color area of the Ribbon on the printhead are passed and the color evaporated on heat directly on the map. For multicolour printing, repeat this procedure for each of the four color zones Y (yellow), M (magenta) C (cyan) and K (black), and successively applied each of the primary colors.

The most ribbons take a protective overlay to the pressure, mechanical abrasion and UV light to prevent the pressure. This type of printing is the most widely used, meets cards chip card or RFID on their borders, because the direct print type in uneven cards places can cause stellenweisem pressure loss. Furthermore, a small plain edge on a map retains the card printing in the dye. According to PCB layout and quality this can be disturbing. For card printing on chip – or RFID cards, as well as a desire for edgeless card printing or print high-quality, you should fall back on a plastic card printer with re transfer technology. At this printing, the printed image applied first mirrored to a carrier film and this then applied on top of the map. The advantage of the Re transfer procedure is in the borderless, high quality card printing also on uneven surfaces of cards such as chip – or RFID cards. Also, the film of pressure applied on the card is thicker than the overlay, which is applied in the dye sublimation printing. Thus the pressure is even better protected from wear and tear and the printed image is visible brilliant. Miriam Santiago

Annual Conference

Privacy compact & practical – the new privacy challenges Munich 23.01.2013 – data protection in companies and Government agencies is constantly facing new challenges. Not only technical developments require the IT specialists always up-to-date knowledge. The year 2013 will bring many data protection innovations at the European level. The DASTAG data protection Conference, organised by the Munich-based CBT training & Consulting GmbH takes place in Lenggries in June this year. The meeting discusses the current issues of data protection in practice reports, workshops, and short seminars. The focus is on knowledge transfer in the direct exchange and networking between experts and participants.

We are pleased that we could win the President of the Bavarian State Office for data protection supervision, Mr Thomas Kranig as keynote speaker”, said Ms. Gabriela Bucherl, Managing Director of CBT training & consulting. Lord will Karamyan from point of view of the supervisory authority of the administrative tasks and powers speak, arising from the new EU data protection regulation will result. The participants can expect more exciting topics. Mr.

Prof. Dr. Gerling (Max Planck Society) explains what enterprises of scientific institutes in the privacy can learn. More papers addressing, inter alia, legal developments and aspects of data protection, legal experts speak on the DASTAG to busy data protection and given the rapid spread of community portals especially explosive privacy in social networks. Also the DASTAG workshops deal with cutting-edge themes which safety-technical and legal problems arising from the trend to the cloud, which allows that many employees use more and more private hardware for work purposes. (Byod bring your own device). Many companies operate hope still according to the principle relating to data protection. But what if in fact a case of privacy violation occurs? Here are companies in the advantage that ahead have set up an emergency management, which is then activated. How such a data protection-emergency management can look, Bjorn Schulz presents by the cooperative association Bavaria e.V.

Headphone Test – What Is It?

Tips & notes the successful purchase of the headphones who would like to buy headphones today, watching a huge range various models. The overview can be there quickly lost. Before buying a pair of headphones it is advisable an accurate comparison, as well as a set of headphones on all cases carry out test. Before the headphones test applies to decide for what purpose the headphones primarily intended. Who mainly on the road uses the headphone for listening to MP3 player or Smartphone, should rather use earbuds or so-called Ear-In headphones.

People mostly at home using the headphones and attach great importance to excellent sound quality, should, however, more access to outer shell headphones. Also for people to hear the music at the sport there is the matching models, which are characterized by a particularly firm grip. In any case, headphones always in the shop should be purchased. Here the headphones alone can be tried and the trained personnel can assist with the headphones test. You can also so the fastest clarify open questions. The required quality is always together with the equipment used. Who listens to his music on a high-quality hi-fi system, requires also the corresponding headphones to. You should at Shell headphones necessarily insist on a fitting and wear them for a time.

Just so you can see whether a feeling of pressure is formed after a certain period of time or whether the headphones are comfortable to wear. The better the headphones sit, also the sound is better. Regarding the sound quality, it’s always on the own taste. Some devices sound balanced and at others, the bass is correspondingly stronger. Now, you should still consider what connection you prefer. The wired models are definitely trouble-free and with all devices to use. Who would rather use a wireless headphone, should check whether its System supports this. One should look at the headphones test not for a few euros. Rather should be placed on a good quality and processing value.