Monster ISport Headphones

The iSport headphones from Monster is a high performance in-ear headphones and is the ideal companion for sports. ISport through high-quality processing of the monster and the headphones for amateur athletes and top athletes are equally suited to the comfort. This headset was specifically developed for the sport. Man has developed for this reason an in-ear headphones, which is not only robust and sweat-proof, but also completely waterproof. An in-ear headphones for each activity they go skiing as a result that the headphones are waterproof and machine washable, swimming, surfing, running and used even snorkeling. Monster has developed a universal headphones for sports-minded people. The unique sound will inspire you to new performance.

Are through the special in-ear clip technology, the in-ear headphones, able to adapt to the movements of the athlete. This guarantees you a firm and safe seat in her ear. It is so even without problems possible glasses or a helmet to wear, without that slip the headphones from Monster. In addition the in-ear design headphones still has a specially designed sound channel. This technique causes that your ear is almost completely sealed and therefore a full sound without noise can occur. Control talk offers a pleasant networking the iSports headphones from Monster have a so-called control talk. Thus you are possible to control the music playback, and also to make phone calls.

With the simple and easy-to-use elements of the headphone cable, you can control your iPod or iPhone without having to take it out of your pocket. Just when the sport that is very comfortable for the athletes and do not distract him. In addition, Monster in each in-ear headphones has installed a high-quality microphone. Together with the sound-proof headphones, you will discover a call quality, never had to get to a phone to the ear. But not only does control talk exclusively with iPad, iPhone and iPod, but is compatible with many other devices. What does the iSport in-ear headphones yet? It is very annoying having to untangle cables because it is has tangled repeatedly. This belongs to the iSport of the past. By the flat ribbon cable which is connected to the headphone is a very flexible and confusion-free cable available. Because every ear is different, Monster provides with different ear pieces with the headphones. As a result, a highest possible level of comfort and a perfect fit is guaranteed.