WLAN Access Point

Wi-Fi access points are becoming more popular, but before buying many questions should be resolved an access point is a base station. It offers access to a wireless network devices. This may be an ad-hoc network, in which the clients to communicate on an equal footing with each other. (Not to be confused with Samsung Electronics!). Assumes the access point that central agency function works in infrastructure mode. As a WDS (wireless distribution system) or even Repeater extends the range of a wireless network or connects wired networks. Usually works an access point in infrastructure mode and at the same time establishes the connection to the Internet.

As a combination device that also functions as a modem, or over an Ethernet connection to the single dialler. What must you look for when buying for the WLAN (wireless local area network), there are now numerous standards. Therefore, it is important to first consider what standards the already existing devices. What will it be used and what is planned in the near future. Widespread Wi-Fi adapters are IEEE 802 .11b / g, they are in many notebooks and WLAN sticks installed. The modern variant is called IEEE 802 11n.

These adapters can spark in two frequency bands, so 2.4 and 5 GHz. They also offer a higher transmission speed gross. NET, these numbers are hardly achieved since it depends on the spatial conditions and the number of clients. On a broadband Internet connection the speed advantage of IPTV may cause transfers. In this case the bandwidth not fully exploited by the high resolution data stream and a liquid surf is parallel. Another argument for 802 11n is the 5 GHz frequency, which allows a Dodge in areas with many wireless networks in the 2.4 GHz range and increase the stability of its own network. The Wi-Fi the first encrypt encryption procedures are no longer safe. The latest version WPA2 is still not knackbar, when used with appropriate passwords. This means that the password should have at least 32 characters and composed of small and capital letters, as well as numbers and special characters put together. A password generator generates the most secure passwords. The encryption protects not only the privacy. An abuse of the network, which can draw on to unwelcome legal consequences, is complicated. What connections purpose for which the access point is used only for setting up an ad-hoc network, in principle, no further connections are needed. A RJ45 socket (Ethernet) is still useful to configure the device. There is also the connection to a modem via Ethernet concluded. Several Ethernet jacks are available, one speaks of a Wi-Fi router that against each other can delimit firewall subnets with one. A USB port, which is used with a UMTS stick, can be used to dial up to the Internet as well. Also, a USB storage device provides the functionality of its own cloud. You can find more information about Wi-Fi access points and product test reports under wlanaccesspoint.org Dietrich Beck