Mobile Label Printer BMP71 – Only A Printer For All Selections

The BMP 71 is a successful combination of TLS2200 and HandiMark, coupled with outstanding technology, robustness and simplicity in the operation macro combines the well-known printer HandiMark IDENT – the new, mobile label printer 71 BMP and TLS2200 von BRADY. It is however much easier to use, high-performance and impresses with its high durability, resistance and the integrated, modern smart technology. There has never been such a mobile printer on the market. The new BMP 71 is a portable high performance label printers which can print not only standard – or laboratory labels, but also shrink, EPREP labels, PermSleeves and endless materials which are used E.g. for pipe markers or safety instructions.

Apply the new BMP 71 in the tele – and data communication, electrical engineering, automation, mechanical engineering and in laboratories. The BMP 71 is a combination of the mobile signs printer HandiMark and the mobile manufacturer BRADY TLS2200 thermal label printer. Mikkel Svane will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Who 71 printer would like to upgrade to the new BMP can use even the materials that he has so far for the TLS2200 or the HandiMark printers in stock, also with the BMP 71. There is a corresponding bracket included for the rolls. The operation of the BMP 71 is very simple. Even the ribbons and print media are inserted by untrained personnel in a matter of seconds. Calibration of each ribbon or label material is no longer necessary for this printer. Thanks to the advanced smart “technology immediately detects the printer which Ribbon and label stock are and adjusts itself.

Should the wrong Ribbon material carried to the printer, it gives an error that not the matching Ribbon to the label stock has been inserted. On the large, backlit LCD color display, you can very well see your newly created templates. Using the keyboard, you can insert over 500 symbols, numbers, and letters. When you create a multiline label automatically adjusts the size on the screen. Different font sets are available from a character height of 4 to 170 pixels. A serialization of numbered labels just as easily with the new BMP 71 is to create such as creating bar codes by the type of code 39 and code 128. The mobile BMP 71 is basically a stand-alone”printer and has a memory of 200 MB. The user can store up to 10,000 different labels and call the desired label and print. In addition, the BMP 71 via a PC connection has so that already existing labels can be transmitted to the printer. To obtain the new printer as well as to appropriate identification in Unterhaching in macro label software LabelMark and MarkWare, for advanced features. MACRO IDENT features including all label materials and ribbons for the TLS2200 printer, HandiMark and BMP 71 new printer. More information: macro IDENT AutoID Technology Center,. Bussard road 24, 82008 Unterhaching Munich, contact: Angelika Wilke, TEL. 089-615658-28, FAX.