Lipetsk Plant

Widespread blocks of standard sizes – 600h300h200 mm 600h300h100 mm. Made on technology and hebel ytong blocks are characterized by high precision shapes and sizes and even surface. This helps to avoid thick mortar joints, which are in the brickwork of the cellular-concrete blocks' cold bridge. " Aerated concrete blocks on the technology hebel release Novolipetsk Metallurgical Combine and Lipetsk Plant products housebuilding (Lipetsk), 211 (Sertolovo, Leningrad reg.), 'Zabudova (Belarus), etc. The cost of the walls of aerated concrete, coated in a half-brick, about 1100 rub./m2. The exterior walls trim facing bricks plaster on the grid, siding, etc. To prepare the mortar, non-ferrous including use in particular, dry mixes firms maksit (Finland), 'TIGI-Knauf "(Russia-Germany), Mapei (Italy) and others house Bast Wooden Architecture received a strong impetus to development in connection with the introduction of new processes for the preparation of wood and new technologies for building wooden houses. The appearance of rounded, that is planing machine-to form cylinder, timber and laminated veneer lumber allowed to build houses not only faster and cheaper than felled by hand, but also to create a more rigid structure.

Impeccably smooth shape, precision grooves and locks provide minimum clearances and tight connection of rims. In addition, the laminated board can be of any length and can cover large spans and freely plan the room. High purity of the treated surface and the natural beauty of wood make it possible to apply them and without any additional finishing. At the construction site comes complete ready-to-install components, therefore, of placing the order until the assembly passes about three months.

Japanese Chinese

In the Chinese interior no sharp edges, bulky furniture, and one that is not are diverse. As a material for manufacturing such as furniture and various other items commonly used strong but flexible bamboo. Furniture decorated with a complex multi-layered painting technique. Used for decoration on black lacquer carving. In contrast to the austere simplicity of a Japanese Chinese full use of interior space areas, creating niches, arches for the location of decorative items and toys.

In contrast to the grand furniture cabinets are simple household items. Rich environment lived looking finish exquisitely decorated with lacquered tables resistant thread, which put ornaments and vases. In the furniture is widely used and known to Europeans intarsia technique – plunge decoration of the finest plywood different shades on the surface of tables, cabinets. But, unlike the European, which has the main plane of the parent, the Chinese above the surface. The furniture in the homes of notable Chinese differed from furniture commoners.

The main objects of the interior furniture is among the lounger, chairs and tables. All items are made using bamboo, and were basically rectangular shape. Another distinctive feature, the still living, perhaps, only in China, is a complete lack of curtains on the windows and the houses are no chandeliers, even though electricity is, of course, light house, but by ordinary light illumination. The main idea of resettlement of Chinese dwelling is interwoven with real mythology, where the main protagonist is a dragon – the most powerful of all animals.

Plumbing Services

However, this was a digression, now back to Plumbing Services migrant workers working in Moscow legally or illegally. Why should check if they, or at your same work, or "low to provide all kinds of plumbing services." The crisis, as not ended and "cheap" argument is still very significant. Hardly every think about the fact that such tubes can rot, and such sanitary wiring may leak. And then the only hands : "It was a guarantee of the same " Was? Of course there was – for six months. During this magical period plumbing services rendered, even very badly, to show its true face, as a rule, can not. ried viewpoints. And then – look for the whistle-artist – he has long gone to the small home in Moscow no longer works. In fact, guest workers accepted blame, but not taken to condemn those who do not just take them to work and was well aware of the problems of plumbers from Tajikistan.

Hence, such a worker has taken place in Moscow plumbing, risked, and in danger knowingly. Guided by an employer (whether a superintendent or a private client), only one thing: "It is very cheap plumbing services. Such an employer can not get: "And you for calling you take three tyschi? And for the work you want? Yes, a top manager earns less! "Yes, bad plumbing a proven track record – that the Russian that Tajik. Do not believe customers that they are masters of adequate plumbing. Yes, those directly say, not much. Not everyone dares to write about yourself on the site – "I'm a master plumber." "An experienced plumber, still did not go far. But the "master plumber" And the fruits of discrediting the post-Soviet period. But maybe not so scary? and will have our own skilled construction workers? Not by chance the media lately are full of headlines about the fact that Russia is not scary enough skilled turners, fitters, electricians, fitters, plumbers? Maybe will come a time when being residents of Moscow and having experience and qualifications, plumbers, electricians and plumbers can earn decent money? Who knows, maybe if construction specialty will be promising in terms of employment?

Construction Quality

Currently, the rate and volume of construction and renovations are gaining tremendous momentum, and one of the primary tasks is to guarantee their quality. According to the Russian State Construction Committee year recorded about 35 crashes of various degrees in 52 subjects of the Russian Federation. And the data from year to year only increase. Moreover, according to research the amount of money spent on eliminating defects, marriage structures and strengthening of 1/6-1/8 of the cost of works, but repair costs to 1 / 10. It should also be noted that this also threat to life and health! Based on long experience in conducting examinations can be highlight the following key points because of which greatly reduces the quality of construction: – Weak ownership of customers or contractors, regulatory documents, snip, gost – In construction firms is absent, or poorly developed quality management-Preparation of project documentation and with disregard and violation of the rules – the contractor by the customer or a construction company replacing building materials, components and designs are not institutionalized and not agreeing with the project organization, resulting in defects and accidents happen. The presence of clearly prescribed rules that customers and contractors can be interpreted in different ways and make obscurity to a significant increase in quality is necessary to focus on the European standards of quality management iso 9000; iso 9001 and involve building laboratories and firms specializing in building expertise (Preferably with long experience in this area and an area with good instrumental base) to perform complex technical examination and issuance of conclusions about their quality and reliability, as necessary to carry out certification jobs.