Plumbing Services

However, this was a digression, now back to Plumbing Services migrant workers working in Moscow legally or illegally. Why should check if they, or at your same work, or "low to provide all kinds of plumbing services." The crisis, as not ended and "cheap" argument is still very significant. Hardly every think about the fact that such tubes can rot, and such sanitary wiring may leak. And then the only hands : "It was a guarantee of the same " Was? Of course there was – for six months. During this magical period plumbing services rendered, even very badly, to show its true face, as a rule, can not. ried viewpoints. And then – look for the whistle-artist – he has long gone to the small home in Moscow no longer works. In fact, guest workers accepted blame, but not taken to condemn those who do not just take them to work and was well aware of the problems of plumbers from Tajikistan.

Hence, such a worker has taken place in Moscow plumbing, risked, and in danger knowingly. Guided by an employer (whether a superintendent or a private client), only one thing: "It is very cheap plumbing services. Such an employer can not get: "And you for calling you take three tyschi? And for the work you want? Yes, a top manager earns less! "Yes, bad plumbing a proven track record – that the Russian that Tajik. Do not believe customers that they are masters of adequate plumbing. Yes, those directly say, not much. Not everyone dares to write about yourself on the site – "I'm a master plumber." "An experienced plumber, still did not go far. But the "master plumber" And the fruits of discrediting the post-Soviet period. But maybe not so scary? and will have our own skilled construction workers? Not by chance the media lately are full of headlines about the fact that Russia is not scary enough skilled turners, fitters, electricians, fitters, plumbers? Maybe will come a time when being residents of Moscow and having experience and qualifications, plumbers, electricians and plumbers can earn decent money? Who knows, maybe if construction specialty will be promising in terms of employment?