Lipetsk Plant

Widespread blocks of standard sizes – 600h300h200 mm 600h300h100 mm. Made on technology and hebel ytong blocks are characterized by high precision shapes and sizes and even surface. This helps to avoid thick mortar joints, which are in the brickwork of the cellular-concrete blocks' cold bridge. " Aerated concrete blocks on the technology hebel release Novolipetsk Metallurgical Combine and Lipetsk Plant products housebuilding (Lipetsk), 211 (Sertolovo, Leningrad reg.), 'Zabudova (Belarus), etc. The cost of the walls of aerated concrete, coated in a half-brick, about 1100 rub./m2. The exterior walls trim facing bricks plaster on the grid, siding, etc. To prepare the mortar, non-ferrous including use in particular, dry mixes firms maksit (Finland), 'TIGI-Knauf "(Russia-Germany), Mapei (Italy) and others house Bast Wooden Architecture received a strong impetus to development in connection with the introduction of new processes for the preparation of wood and new technologies for building wooden houses. The appearance of rounded, that is planing machine-to form cylinder, timber and laminated veneer lumber allowed to build houses not only faster and cheaper than felled by hand, but also to create a more rigid structure.

Impeccably smooth shape, precision grooves and locks provide minimum clearances and tight connection of rims. In addition, the laminated board can be of any length and can cover large spans and freely plan the room. High purity of the treated surface and the natural beauty of wood make it possible to apply them and without any additional finishing. At the construction site comes complete ready-to-install components, therefore, of placing the order until the assembly passes about three months.