Construction Quality

Currently, the rate and volume of construction and renovations are gaining tremendous momentum, and one of the primary tasks is to guarantee their quality. According to the Russian State Construction Committee year recorded about 35 crashes of various degrees in 52 subjects of the Russian Federation. And the data from year to year only increase. Moreover, according to research the amount of money spent on eliminating defects, marriage structures and strengthening of 1/6-1/8 of the cost of works, but repair costs to 1 / 10. It should also be noted that this also threat to life and health! Based on long experience in conducting examinations can be highlight the following key points because of which greatly reduces the quality of construction: – Weak ownership of customers or contractors, regulatory documents, snip, gost – In construction firms is absent, or poorly developed quality management-Preparation of project documentation and with disregard and violation of the rules – the contractor by the customer or a construction company replacing building materials, components and designs are not institutionalized and not agreeing with the project organization, resulting in defects and accidents happen. The presence of clearly prescribed rules that customers and contractors can be interpreted in different ways and make obscurity to a significant increase in quality is necessary to focus on the European standards of quality management iso 9000; iso 9001 and involve building laboratories and firms specializing in building expertise (Preferably with long experience in this area and an area with good instrumental base) to perform complex technical examination and issuance of conclusions about their quality and reliability, as necessary to carry out certification jobs.