Resource Optimization

To get started you need to properly test the (understand) the search engine itself, as almost everyone has different computing methods. can provide more clarity in the matter. You need to determine under what kind of system you want to optimize their resources. Such as 'Google' uses the 'PageRank'. 'PageRank' is much harder to understand than Yandex 'citation index'. Gone are the days when Yandex issue its results for the method: the larger the ci, the higher the resource in the search results. For example, now that the surprise bot search engine and be always on top in search results, you need: unique content, very clearly optimized tags, rather precedence ic – compared with its competitors and it's not all. /a> follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Unfortunately, Combat dorveyschikami – 'Yandex' repeatedly succeeds a their algorithms, which resulted in the suffering of the normal resources. Now, if you created your site, then search engine bot will come to you in a week or even two, but generally through 'Indefinitely'.

1. Do not scatter the money for 'unique' content. Why do you need a resource if you're an elementary thing can not do? True: think of a good text content is not so easy, but still need to to exercise, try to. If you really 'stupid' – can not read the article, I have no respect for people who resign themselves to the fact that they have something can not be, though very interested in this. In this case, I would advise not to spend time in vain, to determine the theme of your life, and then easily write text content of your site than to pay for content to someone.