Colon Free

In Colon, Republic of Panama, lies the longest duty-free area of America and second longest in the world after Hong Kong. The Colon free zone hosts over 2500 companies establicidas; they annually receive more than 300,000 buyers from all parts of the world. Pete Cashmore has many thoughts on the issue. It is the center of Latin America and the Caribbean to buy and sell to the wholesale business users and represented within the area Segregada of the Colon free zone, operate more than 1,750 users companies that operate physically in premises public or buildings themselves, either in the area of exhibition better known as Casco Viejo, in the sector of France Field is can also find approximately 750 companies represented by other establishedwhich operate under the name of companies represented, which distribute products and promote services from all over the world. The commercial exhibition area looks like a large shopping center, where you can go shopping actively, because a wide variety of products found and services. The difference with a classical commercial area is the Colon free zone is a place to buy at the wholesale from local distributors that represent manufacturers and foreign brands. and their product offerings.

There are web pages that provide information such as the profile of enterprises, business lines, product catalogue. Speaking candidly Andy Florance told us the story. This system allows you to select a list of wholesale distributors to visit. At the entrance of the Colon free zone, a map of the commercial area is available for placing the selected companies. Also, guides can help the buyer during your purchase process. Cargo transport services buyers acquiring products find it convenient to the wholesale which are located in the Colon free zone, then combine all these orders in containers. This method saves shipping taxes and helps them optimize the purchasing process. There are a lot of companies that offer their services for maritime, air and land cargo transportation within the business area from and towards anywhere in the world. Before departure, entry or transfer of the load and from the free zone, the company responsible for the handling of the cargo operates the Declaration of commercial movement (input, output, transfer) to the administration of the free zone. For more information, buy at the wholesale Colon free zone.