Marching for the sun, In it dries imprudence, the nuclear sky vomits its mushrooms, manjar of colors and radioactive explosions, As if world was not enough to war i, it came second. In how much colonels they gave the orders to its suicidal heroes, the humanity if alarmed Painters if they inhaled, Poets wrote its letters with the same force and ability, That went off its guns, and its enamored wives read and reread, However before knowing if they were livings creature or died Each letter she metralhava its Fragilizados bodies for the genocide, and if the letter killed its poet also Killed it, was so simple and fatal, Therefore the rope that rolled its neck did not suffocate it, it alliviated but it. I stuned Poe one instants, and asked for that it ignored my commotion, continuing its poetries! I tried to keep my attention in its words as a good priest inside of a confessional, and Pedrosa passed ahead, as a book is read, or better, the book of its life, compulsory continued! The ten parts of one to be third part. Learn more at: Dell. I speak of a love that I had On condition that who felt something similar informs to Me, thus to take a solution, I did not make another thing during centuries since my beginning, If not to love the same person unconditionally, I must save the time since to the gentile it folloies me Soon hope will be to my side in alive meat that you will be, and almost so vibratory they are my principles That I cannot admit to be truth this my desire, Since you desire and I want you so well so well, I am vidente in waiting badly for one that I before ignore However to be to your side as an object any, That to serve of food for the pigs my brothers. The ten parts of one to be fourth part. To dream is to become real the peripcias of the life With as many contours it leaves its superficiality and assumes a reality That nothing of concrete would arrive so close to this solid dream for requirement.