Contact Center Information

Quality and update each of the data must be responsibility of the user, not from the Department of technology areas. For this reason very important that in its strategy of centralization on the client, to the assign roles or functions in what we have called the cycle of life client in previous newsletters, specifically define which are the responsibilities of each official in relation to the data to keep up-to-date and that mechanisms should be used for this. Another very important aspect is that there are a lot of live information that evolves on a permanent basis and if this information is critical to the business, it is necessary to define mechanisms that allow updating this information.

For example, the customer data for a company that goes directly to their homes with their sales force is that the name or surname of the client does not vary, once you have it in your database will not change, but can be than the variation in subjects such as phone number or address of residence if I varieSurely this is a variable that in turn corresponds to the socio-economic stratum. Like do you keep this information up-to-date?. It is here where it is vital to define clearly how to maintain updated data and who makes it. Perhaps in this case necessary mounting mechanisms that generate the same client is interested in keeping their data updated through the use of some reward or perhaps it is better to have a process of Contact Center that is responsible for the regular updating of this information.

One last issue to consider is the need to maintain uniqueness in the data. If these are needed to be able to display a view of 360 of the client in a single user interface, but its sources are diverse systems, define a clear strategy of compatibility of data or minimum and controlled replication to ensure the uniqueness of the data.