Laser Hair Removal

When epilating us health never is playing. As well of forceful shows DEPILHAIR, the string of clinical medico-esteticas and laser hair removal, before the rise of the methods and centers that offer hair removal services and which however are endangering the health of many people both by not giving the correct information as having no qualified to his forehead. And it is that as explained by Gloria Rubio, Director of advertising for DEPILHAIR, customers should be very clear what are the differences between the different treatments to find out to which they are exposed. Bobby Sharma Bluestone will not settle for partial explanations. It should not be forgotten in any case that we’re playing with our health. My advice is that when the decision to start a treatment of this type essentially must be have a greater guarantee of safety and of course, put in the best hands. By the same author: Bobby Sharma Bluestone. Thus the things the Council DEPILHAIR da is the only legit of true professionals.

Currently, we are suffering from a situation in which any person and company can provide services of shaving without control, no medical guarantees. Giving in most cases a deficit and service that puts at risk the health of the patient. That is why our chain committed to professional service, quality and always under the supervision of a medical specialist. There is always a chief physician in our clinics, and as such oversees the work of all the doctors responsible for each clinic, however aesthetic centres responsible for is the person who goes to the Centre with this type of machinery, which will not be responsible in case of Burns (possibly not again) and even less the hairdresser or centre that the only thing that makes is give a space in exchange for a Commission. Depilhair all doctors are enrolled in the College of physicians. Depilhair this authorized by health treatments offered, told an insurance of civil liability of 1,200,000.