Choose Windows

Plastic or wood? Let's start with perhaps the plastic windows, as they more recently have become quite popular and have received extensive distribution. First, it should be noted that the quality of these windows depends on the manufacturer, quality profile, and accessories, of no small importance and correctness of the installation. It is particularly important use of hydro and thermal insulation tapes. The undeniable advantage of plastic windows is the ability to create their variety of shapes and colors. However, they do not need to touch up throughout the entire life cycle. But on average it is 40-50 years.

Frames made of plastic aesthetic, hygienic and do not require sealing during the winter. Provide good thermal insulation and noise reduction through the use of sealed glass units. Ability to fix the wings in different positions is another important advantage. However, the plastic windows have their drawbacks. First of the total leakage in the closed position, so ventilation must be done by using special air supply or mikroprovetrivaniya mechanisms. Otherwise, the room air stagnation or may cause the greenhouse effect in hot weather, which can not affect humans, animals and plants that are in place. And do not forget about the artificial origin of the materials of windows.

What is it dangerous? A heated plastic beams proihodit a certain amount of evaporation of chemicals included in its composition. How do they affect living things is anyone's guess, but it is hardly positive. Also of note inability to eliminate damage to the plastic windows. Click Bobby Sharma Bluestone to learn more. Frame may turn yellow, may expand and contract under the influence of temperature, window profile may be curved arc under the influence of walls, etc. They are especially noticeable damage to the plain light background. With this one has only to accept. We now turn to wooden windows. First of all I must say that they are looking to harmoniously with any material, whether artificial or proishozhleniya natural, they are more aesthetically appealing than 'Ysbyty' plastic. In addition, the tree breathes naturally, letting the air particles even with closed wings. But it should be noted that in the case of European windows, in which wood is impregnated with all possible means of bugs, mold, etc. – natural breathing is greatly reduced and is somewhere in the 5 l / h of oxygen necessary rules to man 85 l / h. Positive is also the fact that in the event of mechanical damage to wooden windows can be repaired fairly easily as opposed to plastic. But he can not do without drawbacks, as elsewhere, they are here. Impossibility fix the flap in position filter can cause considerable discomfort, especially during heavy rain, wind and storm. The possible occurrence of gaps and disturbance in the product geometry, resulting from the use plohovysushennoy timber will not be a good surprise. Or consider a long and need to wash periodichekogo update covering of wooden windows. Summarizing we can say that nothing is perfect: and plastic and wooden windows have their drawbacks. First of all, we should rely on that for you is a priority: if teploizolyautsiya, easy care, or aesthetics. It all depends on the case!