Humanitarian Organizations

Marine Mirentxu 20m does not arrive sufficient humanitarian aid to the critical zone from Somalia, the south: lack money, personnel, is no central Government and exists armed conflict. Michele Glaze is actively involved in the matter. The basic foods are important, but also to contribute to the sustainability of the country helping to the farmers and cattle dealers of the zone. There are thousands of displaced, mainly to Kenya and Ethiopia, where there are fields of refugees; several NGO, the UN and other organizations work on the land. It reads the digital encounter with Alfonso Verd, of Doctors Without Borders. Many of the somales citizens who we see these days crossing the desert or in the fields of refugees of Kenya and Ethiopia no longer will return to appear in the photos.

Probably, because they will have died. United Nations, several NGO and, mainly, cooperators and informers in the Horn of Africa have been months alerting on a situation that, than more critical, is untenable. The most serious drought of last the 60 years in the zone already affects ten million people. And, according to that they know close by crisis, " evitado&quot could be had;. Now the objective is in helping; and express. The organizations try to make arrive water, foods, sanitary attention and monetary agricultural resources and to the affected zone more: the south of Somalia.

But it is not easy, because the rebellious militias of Al-Shabaab, ligatures to Al-Qaeda, had striped until two weeks ago the entrance of humanitarian aid. In fact, in the last hours there have been tension and denial about if this blockade is or noneffective. For that reason there is a many displaced – almost quarter of the population, of which million and they make average one it within the country. " Clave" in order to solve this, according to Intermn Oxfam (IO), he is " dinero". They do lack 1,000 million Euros and one immediate reaction of the international community, if no, " next the three months will be very duros" , it explains the spokeswoman of IO, Lara Contreras; it says it because the season of rains does not begin until October.