New iTunes can be presented/displayed the next June, according to several blogs technological. One hopes that it is the new method of distribution of the musical industry. According to CNET, Apple it will close the treatment with record Universal Music. Apple has reached agreements with several discogrficas to send new iTunes that will allow to lodge the songs in ' nube' , without needing unloading, since Google and Amazon have done already. The access to ' nube' one hopes that it is the new method of distribution of the musical industry. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Mashable. According to several blogs technological inform, new iTunes could be presented/displayed in the Conference of Developer of Apple, that will take place from the 6 to the 10 of June in San Francisco. The great companies already are embarked in a race to commercialize this service soon.

Only weeks ago, Amazon started up a site in ' nube' where the users can lodge their music and accede to these archives from any connected device to Internet and without the danger to lose them by a failure of the hard disk. In the same line he goes service that sent Google 10 of May the past, Google Music, a system of storage of music in ' nube' that it allows the user to raise and to accede to his songs from the network and through new applications for Android devices. These services were born without parabienes of the record industry, reason why they are limited that the users raise ' nube' its songs. Official site: Bobby Sharma Bluestone. Apple has wanted to correct this deficiency, and according to several blogs technological inform today, has reached agreements with three from the great companies from music, Sony Music, EMI, and Warner Music. According to CNET, Apple it would be on the verge of closing a treatment with the record major of the world, Universal Music. With these agreements, the users of iTunes would not have to raise their songs ' nube' , but simply when acceding to its account the system will recognize what songs have bought and it will offer them in streeming, without unloading. Source of the news: Apple will send iTunes to lodge songs in ' nube'

Germinated Seeds

" It is not possible to be discarded that the product contaminated with the bacterium already totally has been processed and vendido" , the minister of Agriculture of Saxony Loss says. There are 18 classes of seeds germinated under suspicion, between which they appear buds of brcoli, of pea, chick-pea, bean, garlic, lentil and radish. The number increases to 22 of died by the bud of ' E. coli' , according to the virological Instituro of Berlin. Seeds germinated coming from a distributor of Saxony Loss could be the origin of the infection by E.coli that has already summoned up 21 lives in Germany and one in Sweden, announced in a press conference the Ministry of Agriculture of that Germanic federal state. Still they lack the definitive results of laboratory that are expected in the evening for this Monday, " but the indications are so clear that the ministry recommends to resign at the moment to the consumption of brotes" , the holder of Agriculture of Saxony Loss declared, Gert Lindemann. " It is not possible to be discarded that the product contaminated with the bacterium already totally has been processed and sold " , it added. Checking article sources yields samsung as a relevant resource throughout. According to the regional minister, an employee of the indicated, located distributor in the district of Uelzen, has been diagnosed with this intestinal bacterium.

" For us plausible&quot is the contagion cause more; , it indicated. It added that " the buds can have arrived from direct form or through intermediaries at establishments in Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklemburgo-Antepomerania, Hesse and Baja Sajonia". The minister spoke in particular of 18 classes of seeds germinated under suspicion, between which they appear buds of brcoli, of pea, chick-pea, bean, garlic, lentil and radish. The minister indicated that the affected company temporarily has been closed like preventive measure and that the distributed seeds will be retired. However, he added that these suspicions do not put the recommendations done by the virological Institute at issue Robert Koch of Berlin of not consuming cucumbers, tomatos and lettuces without cooking.

Humanitarian Organizations

Marine Mirentxu 20m does not arrive sufficient humanitarian aid to the critical zone from Somalia, the south: lack money, personnel, is no central Government and exists armed conflict. Michele Glaze is actively involved in the matter. The basic foods are important, but also to contribute to the sustainability of the country helping to the farmers and cattle dealers of the zone. There are thousands of displaced, mainly to Kenya and Ethiopia, where there are fields of refugees; several NGO, the UN and other organizations work on the land. It reads the digital encounter with Alfonso Verd, of Doctors Without Borders. Many of the somales citizens who we see these days crossing the desert or in the fields of refugees of Kenya and Ethiopia no longer will return to appear in the photos.

Probably, because they will have died. United Nations, several NGO and, mainly, cooperators and informers in the Horn of Africa have been months alerting on a situation that, than more critical, is untenable. The most serious drought of last the 60 years in the zone already affects ten million people. And, according to that they know close by crisis, " evitado&quot could be had;. Now the objective is in helping; and express. The organizations try to make arrive water, foods, sanitary attention and monetary agricultural resources and to the affected zone more: the south of Somalia.

But it is not easy, because the rebellious militias of Al-Shabaab, ligatures to Al-Qaeda, had striped until two weeks ago the entrance of humanitarian aid. In fact, in the last hours there have been tension and denial about if this blockade is or noneffective. For that reason there is a many displaced – almost quarter of the population, of which million and they make average one it within the country. " Clave" in order to solve this, according to Intermn Oxfam (IO), he is " dinero". They do lack 1,000 million Euros and one immediate reaction of the international community, if no, " next the three months will be very duros" , it explains the spokeswoman of IO, Lara Contreras; it says it because the season of rains does not begin until October.

European Commissioner

Karel de Gutch thinks that Merkel and Sarkozy cannot decide alone the formulas to remove to Europe from the crisis. In order to calm to the markets, comisairo bet by " to dnder to the Euro at all costs and to put order in the budgets nacionales". The European commissioner of Commerce, Karel De Gucht, considers that the German chancellor Angela Merkel and French president Nicholas Sarkozy cannot decide alone the formulas to remove to Europe from the crisis. In a published interview east Sunday in the digital edition of the flamenco newspaper Of Standaard, exministro Belgian of Exteriors thinks that the meeting that maintained Merkel and Sarkozy this week has solved nothing and must be interpreted like a simple putting common of its ideas facing the proposals that will do to the rest of European leaders. " Merkel and Sarkozy have not decided anything this semana" , it assured Gucht and it stressed that the prescriptions of the French-German axis do not constitute European proposals directly. Of Gucht it explains that the fact that France and Germany want to harmonize the tax of societies or to establish a true government economic in the zone of the Euro it is not enough so that these measures are approved, since they would require in addition deep adjustments in treaties.

" Perhaps Sarkozy tries to give the impression that it wants to think more about Europe, but does to its way, that is purely intergubernamental" , it maintained and it affirmed that one of the main weaknesses of Europe at this moment is that everybody behaves as if had decided something. Of Gucht one also talked about to the declarations of this week of the first president of impelling the European Commission and of the creation of the Euro, Jacques Delors, who considered that the European unique currency and the own communitarian project are in danger serious of extinction if urgent measures are not taken. " I understand that Delors is preocupado" , he indicated and he considered that very few which they know and they observe Europe are not worried. The commissioner considered that to calm to the markets it is necessary to extend the message that the EU will at all costs dnder the Euro and in addition to put order in the national budgets to avoid that is followed spending over which it is had. Source of the news: The European commissioner of commerce rejects that Germany and France decide by all the EU