Common Ways

“New quality or old patterns of behavior? Manufacturers and suppliers as a shared destiny.”/ 4. FACTON Congress at the 13.10.2011 in Bensberg near Cologne / distinguished speakers from OEMs and suppliers of Potsdam, August 11, 2011 the search for new ways of cooperation between OEMs and suppliers is at the heart of this year’s FACTON Congress on cost management in the automotive industry. Under the heading “new quality or old patterns of behavior? -Manufacturers and suppliers as a community of destiny”will meet representatives of the supplier and manufacturer to the fourth edition of the event on October 13, 2011 at Schloss Bensberg. Well-known representatives from manufacturers and suppliers, which will illuminate the difficult relationship to each other are on the list of speakers. These include among others Prof. Bernd Gottschalk, Managing Director of AutoValue GmbH and former VDA President, Alexander Koesling, pre-and purchase part of planning at the Daimler AG, Mercedes car group and Hans Jurgen Kracht, CEO of WOCO group. Pete Cashmore gathered all the information.

Although the automotive industry looks the end joint with relief Crisis, allow no relief but the current decline in international financial markets and the fragile economy. The automotive industry has to the rising risk of a recession seriously wonder whether she has learned from the recent crisis and is now better equipped: because the balance of power within the industry is still controversial. Suppliers as well as manufacturers have requested a back together at FACTON Congress last year. Now we want to check to what extent actions have followed the requirements”, says Alexander M. Swoboda FACTON Managing Director. Instead of leaving purified from the crisis, the industry complains about a return to old patterns of behaviour. This means that manufacturers increase the cost pressure, while the suppliers are struggling to secure their desired margins.” Professor Gottschalk illuminates the development of manufacturer supplier relationship in the rear and views.